Crete: Sadness for 17-year-old George who “died” after a traffic accident – Today is the last goodbye – Newsbomb – News

Crete: Sadness for 17-year-old George who “died” after a traffic accident – Today is the last goodbye – Newsbomb – News
Crete: Sadness for 17-year-old George who “died” after a traffic accident – Today is the last goodbye – Newsbomb – News

The last goodbye relatives and friends of 17-year-old Giorgos will say today after a hard battle of 19 days he breathed his last in the ICU of Venizeleio.

The exodus service will be chanted at the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos in Gazi at 3 in the afternoon.

How the car accident happened

The traffic accident occurred in the early hours of October 20 on the beach of Heraklion, when the vehicle in which the unfortunate 17-year-old was riding as a passenger veered off its course and crashed into a light pole.

The conflict was fierce and resulted in the occupants being trapped in the debris. The driver and passenger were freed by the firefighters who rushed to the scene and were then transported to the Venizelio hospital.

The announcement of GEL Gazi

“With deep sadness and emotional breakdown, we announce the loss of our beloved 3rd High School student, Giorgos Parasiris, who died in a car accident that occurred on Friday, October 20, 2023.

Giorgos Parasyris was a remarkable student, full of life, enthusiasm and promise for the future. His friends, classmates and teachers say the warmest things about his personality, his kindness, his dancing skills.

The loss of George is a heartbreak without hope of relief for his family, the Gazi High School and the entire local community. His passing leaves a deep void in all of our hearts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family as they cope with his loss. Gaziou High School offers the utmost support and assistance to his family during this difficult period.

George’s memory will remain alive in our school.

GEL Gazi

Dominicos Theotokopoulos”

The ELME announcement about the death of 17-year-old Giorgos

The Board of Directors of ELME Heraklion expresses its deepest condolences and his undivided support to the family of student Giorgos Parasiris who lost his battle with death, after a long stay in the hospital due to a car accident.

In detail, the announcement states:

“The shocking news of the unexpected and unjust death penetrates, with a feeling of shudder and emotion, the educational community of our prefecture, but also the school of GEL Gazi, where the unfortunate young man studied, leaving indelible marks of pain.

The black veil of death covered the young George, before he could spread his wings and suddenly cut his thread of life, leaving unspeakable pain to his bereaved parents, siblings, relatives and friends.

The Board of Directors of ELME Heraklion – expressing the collective feeling of sadness of all teachers and, above all, the colleagues who stood by the side of the deceased George as his teachers and educators at GEL Gaziou – wishes from the heart to his parents and all his relatives strength in this difficult moment of final farewell.

Rest in peace”.

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