Faye Bakoiorgou’s murder: On Monday, the three women will apologize

Faye Bakoiorgou’s murder: On Monday, the three women will apologize
Faye Bakoiorgou’s murder: On Monday, the three women will apologize

Because arrest warrants were issued against them

Faced with heaps of serious charges, the three women accused of the brutal abuse and murder of 23-year-old Faie Bakoyorgou, in October 2021, in Kypseli, will be brought before the Investigator on Monday morning.

The three defendants, the mother and sister of the victim as well as their landlady, received a deadline today from the 15th Regular Investigator, Panagiota Pandou, who is handling the horrific case of the 23-year-old.

The judicial officer issued arrest warrants against them, judging that the three defendants are dangerous for committing new crimes, while the multi-page indictment drawn up against them states, according to information, that the three women took measures to prevent their act from being revealed, as they wrapped Faye’s body and threw it in the trash. It also seems to emphasize the “extreme brutality of the act and the continuity of the illegal acts” characterization regarding the fact that the victim was extradited for a long time.

A preliminary examination was conducted for the case following a lawsuit filed by Faye’s father, which last September led to criminal proceedings being brought against the 66-year-old housewife, the 64-year-old mother and the 23-year-old sister of the unfortunate woman, for offenses that in some cases involve intentional homicide by act and omission, human trafficking by profession, termination of pregnancy as a felony, dangerous bodily harm to a vulnerable person, simple serial bodily harm, complicity in human trafficking. A key role in the case file that has been filed is attributed to the 66-year-old accused.

According to information, the material that has been collected and included in the case file concerns, among other things, the preliminary expert report of the medical examiner Sokratis Tsantiris, who initiated the case, as well as many witness statements about the brutality at the expense of the victim. At the same time, the circumstances of the death of the elderly woman who, according to testimonies, was cared for by the 66-year-old landlady are being investigated.

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