“I live a great love with Konstantinos Pleuris! It’s not fake, not even for the lights”


The communication that had George Liagas with the Georgia Shiacavara in order to invite her to Breakfast and to talk about her personal and professional affairs, the presenter carried her on the “air”.

As she revealed, the 49-year-old artist told him that she lives a great love affair with 83-year-old Konstantinos Pleuris and all this is neither fake nor for the limelight.

“I’m going to say something I’ve never said before. I spoke with Georgia Shiacavara. I don’t have her permission to say it but I will. It’s for good. I spoke with her because I wanted to invite her to the show and give an interview. So he told me that “I don’t know what everyone thinks, I’m experiencing a very big love”. He was honest. It wasn’t being recorded, it was a private conversation. And the woman told me that she lives a great love. “You cannot imagine, Mr. Liaga, what I have been through. I live a great love, you can’t imagine it. I’ve had my fun. It’s not fake, not even for the lights. I have really fallen in love” said Giorgos Liagas in Proino.

Watch the featured excerpt below:

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The article is in Greek

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