K. Skrekas: Transparency in electricity prices and stimulation of competition

K. Skrekas: Transparency in electricity prices and stimulation of competition
K. Skrekas: Transparency in electricity prices and stimulation of competition

Interventions that ensure transparency in electricity prices and the stimulation of competition, the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, characterized the provisions included in the bill being discussed today in the Parliament (Article 17: Establishment of regulations in the supply of electricity – Addition of Article 138A in Law 4951/2022″.

The provisions have provoked the reactions of consumer organizations and opposition parties who warn that a complex system is being introduced that will be difficult for the consumer to figure out, unless he has a… doctorate in energy.

Mr. Skrekas underlined that every supplier at the beginning of each month announces the prices for the following month and added that Greece had one of the lowest retail prices for electricity throughout the previous year and during the energy crisis.

He explained that the adjustment clause in the “green tariff” continues to not be activated, “and in fact consumers will be able to be informed, both with e katanalotis and from the website of the Water and Waste Energy Regulatory Authority, to compare the prices , so they know who is the cheapest provider’ and this will also ensure transparency and enable the consumer to choose who has the lowest electricity price.

“Throughout Europe there are fixed and floating tariffs. In Greece, before the energy crisis, everyone had a variable tariff. We obliged the companies to announce the prices for the next month and to have a fixed invoice for the next month.

Now comes the responsible minister and says that there will also be a “blue” tariff with which the consumer will be able to enter into a contract with the energy provider, with a fixed price for 12 months. So no matter how the price of energy goes, the price that he will supply the electricity will be constant. This helps when we have big spikes in energy prices,” Mr. Skrekas said.

Regarding the “yellow tariff”, the Minister of Development and Investments said that “for the first time in the country, a variable tariff is coming, depending on the time of consumption, because in the morning electricity is cheaper than in the evening, because in the morning it is produced by RES ». This way, once the smart meters are installed, the consumer will be able to buy or consume energy when it is cheaper, said Kostas Skrekas.

“We have a free market. In the prices announced in September, there was a provider with a 16 cent per kilowatt hour rate and there was a provider with a 10 cent per kilowatt hour rate. That is, 40% to 50% lower price. Therefore, there is a choice for the consumer,” said the Minister of Development.

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