What is Chrysochoidis preparing – The obvious talent of Papastergiou – Kotsakas wants to, can he?

What is Chrysochoidis preparing – The obvious talent of Papastergiou – Kotsakas wants to, can he?
What is Chrysochoidis preparing – The obvious talent of Papastergiou – Kotsakas wants to, can he?

Cerebral. Alzheimer’s. Traffic police. The Minister of Health Michalis Chrysochoidis has rolled up his sleeves for good, and so far it is proven by the good selections of the rotation. Yesterday he announced to SKAI that in addition to the stroke centers, a national plan is being prepared to help people and their relatives who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Patients are estimated at 400,000. Also, centers will be created throughout Greece to provide assistance to traffic victims – another sad case, which, in addition to dead people of all ages, leaves behind 10,000 paraplegics. Straightforward, honest, and well read. When the journalists told him that in Xanthi the hospital has no doctors, he said that this is true. In the city, however, there are 25 pathologists with their private practices. The ministry is thinking of incentives, so that it is beneficial to join the hospital, and not only there, but also in other areas.


If character is destiny, the closed, introverted and taciturn Chrysochoidis is in the category that is not afraid of difficulties, even if he has to sit at the ministerial desk all over again.

Not all “prime” ministers are the same.

For example, Dimitris Papastergiou. The Minister of Digital Governance was a revelation the day before yesterday at the same microphone. He made Chiotis feel last century with the tech terminology, which he plays on his fingers, he spoke quickly and confidently, while his comfort on the microphone was shown when he took the initiative by reading the listeners’ messages himself and answered them directly. In style, “John I want to tell you that…”, “I remind our friend Christos that…” etc etc.

For recruitment

He was really enjoyable. Of course, nothing is accidental. I remembered that in his CV (before he became a minister) it was written that: “I went to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA, while at the same time I attended journalism courses at a school in Athens. This life relationship I have with radio and music. In 1991 I participated in the start of Hot Mix 88, while in 2001 after my military service we set up Anemos 92.

I maintain strong ties with technology and the internet, a relationship that was strengthened at the NTUA Multimedia Lab. In 2001, through Hot Mix, we built and presented the first comprehensive website for the Prefecture of Trikala, 3kala.gr”.

I think he’s ready for hire. As a radio producer.

He is not going to come on time

But the ministers of Kyriakos, and Kyriakos himself have fallen into the pot of good fortune, and all this goes almost unnoticed. The opposition is too busy with its own affairs to concern itself with the work produced, or not produced, by a government in its fifth year. The Central Committee is meeting on the weekend and the President of the Ethics Committee, Antonis Kotsakas, has not yet sent the… communication with which he will request the body’s opinion on the deletions requested by President Kasselakis. And the question arises?

Does Kotsakas have enough staff for the work being done? How will he find the videos and audios with the statements of comrades Tzoumaka, Fili, Skourletis and Vitsa, so that he can decide?


And while Kotsakas is fighting alone with the beasts in the Ethics Committee, President Kasselakis made his first trip to Brussels and, like Alice in Wonderland, came out shining and smiling in all the photos.

Even with MEP Petros Kokkalis who seems ready to shake a handkerchief.

His associates and supporters are divided on the issue of deletions. Others (Tzakris, Moraitis, Karanikas, etc.) ask that the rupee not fall, while others (Kapnisakis, Pappas, etc.) implicitly and behind the scenes recommend that it buy time and see.

Stathakis yoke

Meanwhile, former minister Giorgos Stathakis is already leaving, despite the efforts of executives such as Dragasakis, Gerovasili, Sia and others to find balance without disturbing the political staff of SYRIZA.

George is cunning

The one who didn’t chew on the announcement of Stathakis’ departure is his partner in Chania, Pavlos Polakis.

“Because I’m between two surgeries, instead of another answer until Sunday, to a tearful article I saw on News 24/7, I pull out the lyrics of a song that stick to the occasion and ask two questions to George who is leaving…” he wrote on fb and underneath he hung “George is cunning”.

The questions

After the music and dance, here are the questions:

“1) Who was the author of the government program in 2021 and presented it at the program conference??


So who does anyone criticize for the program??

The TRUTH is exactly the opposite of what you write!!

2) Did you understand what you say in the text, on February 18-19 this year, when you were receiving phone calls demanding that someone be thrown out of the ballot, and then or later did you have enlightenment?”

I bet a lot on the doctor, and I hope his patient in the operating room came out clean, because every patient wants their doctor calm while holding a scalpel.

I bet a lot on the Central Committee as Paul himself promised that “to the repeated vile characterizations of me and others I will not now respond, not because I cannot properly put you in your place, but because it is obvious that all you want after your defeat in the elections for president is to harm SYRIZA-PS!

Unfortunately, there are so many of you…”.

I hope he will reply over the weekend.


The Pythia

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