Rains in Attica today – Live the course of the bad weather


The weather is more like summer than autumn, with a small change starting today, which also affects her Atticathere will be rain in places.

Specifically according to the EMY, the weather in Attica will present a few clouds at times increased with the possibility of local rains mainly in the east and the north. Still, the winds from northern directions will reach 3 and 5 Beaufort and in the east locally 6 Beaufort. The temperature will range from 11 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Also, the meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis in his today’s forecast stated that in Attica, a few rains while in some places there will probably be some storms in the early afternoon. The temperature will show a slight drop reaching up to 23 degrees Celsius.

Regarding the weather in Athens, the meteorologist Panagiotis Giannopoulos reports that today in Attica there will be a few more clouds at least in the morning hours, with the possibility of local rains mainly in the east and the north due to the rains in Evia. Winds from north directions 3 to 5 Beaufort and in the east local 6 Beaufort. As for the temperature, it will range between 23 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Windy: Live the course of the rains

The article is in Greek

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