The apartment-hell and the death of an old woman

The apartment-hell and the death of an old woman
The apartment-hell and the death of an old woman

Both Faye Bakoiorgou and the old woman who had been picked up and “hosted” by the landlady “Pagona” together with Faye’s mother and sister, accomplices in the nightmare that had condemned the 23-year-old mother to live, fell victims of a satanic mind.

A daily life of savage beatings, where Pagona forced Faye into prostitution with foreign clients and begging, as well as their 67-year-old roommate who also died mysteriously. At the same time, the “satanic” landlady he was abusing and pushing Faye into passing cars in order to beat herso that she herself blackmails unsuspecting drivers to extort money from them.

All three children of Faie Bakoiorgou were victims of continuous abuse until they were removed from this environment with the intervention of the prosecutor, while the victim shortly before died from the kicks he received in the stomach from Pagona, she lost the fourth child she was carrying.

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The principle of research

It all started when on October 9, 2021, Faye’s mother went to the Kypseli Security Department and reported her daughter missing.

One day before she was reported missing, on the sidewalk of Tychis Street 3, in Athens, the body of the unfortunate girl was found, wrapped in a blanket, without personal belongings, which was transported by ambulance station to the “ELPIS” Hospital, where her death was confirmed. No one knew at first who this unfortunate girl was who even ended up being buried in the “unclaimed” until it was actually established who she was.

The preliminary investigation for the unidentified body was initially undertaken by the A. T. Agios Panteleimonas, which ordered a necropsy. According to the medical examiner who performed the autopsy, the cause of death was determined to be “pulmonary edema” and “recent ischemic-type lesions”. From the necropsy, among other things, the descriptive elements of the body emerged and from the investigation, its identification emerged.

Subsequently, the Police Department of Agios Panteleimons forwarded the preliminary investigation material to TA Kypselis. Then, the case file was submitted to the Athens Prosecutor’s Office.

By order of the Athens District Attorney, it was forwarded to the Athens Security Sub-Directorate, order to carry out a preliminary examination, to investigate the commission of the crime of “serious bodily harm to a weak person – in continuation” against Fotini Bakoiorgou, which was submitted, in April 2022, to the Athens District Attorney.

With a new order from the Athens District Attorney, an order was sent to T. A. Kypselis to conduct a preliminary examination to investigate the commission of the crime of “dangerous domestic bodily harm and complicity in it” against Fotini Bakoiorgou and her minor children, which was submitted on June 2022 to the Athens District Attorney.

After relevant Faye’s father’s lawsuit who was never convinced that his child simply died from pathological causes but from the merciless and continuous beating he received, a new order was given to conduct a supplementary preliminary examination, in October 2022 by the Prosecutor of First Instance which was forwarded to the Department of Crimes Against Life.

Establishment of a special research group

From “YDEZI”, a special investigative team consisting of experienced officers and non-commissioned officers was established, with the aim of collecting data and information, as well as processing pre-investigative and informational data in order to investigate the above crimes.

The profiles of the two adult victims and their circle of contacts were sketched, their last movements were mapped, the minor children were sought to ascertain their status and a number of sworn witness statements were taken.

From the combined evaluation of the elements of the preliminary investigation, the following was established:

  • The 57-year-old Pagona hosted Fotini with her minor children, Fotini’s mother, Fotini’s sister with her minor child and an elderly woman in her apartment, at 155 Ioanni Drosopoulos Street in Athens.
  • After many hours and repeated examinations of witnesses who lived in the same apartment building and in the wider area, as well as witnesses who worked in shops near the apartment building, it emerged that Pagona and her sister had abused her (beatings, threats, insults, etc.) .) and they were forcing her to beg. During the begging, the victim was accompanied by either her sister or the landlady. In fact, the latter forced the victim into prostitution.
  • Regarding the minor children of the unfortunate girl, a tenant of the apartment building stated that he had heard Pagona hitting them with a wooden object. In front of all this, Fotini’s mother was present, without making any effort to prevent these acts.

The same “fate” for the elderly roommate

Regarding Mrs. Christina, the elderly roommate, it emerged that the landlady was also abusive towards her and forced her to beg as well. In addition, he pushed her into passing vehicles in order to collect compensation for any injuries she may have sustained. The death of Mrs. Christina was confirmed by a private doctor on May 14, 2021, while the information (to the doctor) was provided by Fotini’s mother…

Specifically, stated that the elderly woman was allegedly suffering from various pathological diseases and her death was due to them, in an apartment at 133 Aristomenou Street in Athens. However, the homicide investigation confirmed that Fotini’s mother was lying and that the death of the elderly roommate occurred in the apartment-hell on 155 Ioanni Drosopoulou Street in Kypseli.

After all this and the gathering of numerous testimonies about the scope of the abuse received by the victims from these women, the case file was submitted by the Crimes Against Life Department to the Athens District Attorney and the case was referred for main investigation to the 15th Investigative Department of Court of First Instance of Athens.

At the end of this, an arrest warrant was issued against the landlady for serial and professional human trafficking, manslaughter, termination of pregnancy, dangerous bodily harm to a vulnerable person – roommate and pregnant woman, committed consecutively and bodily harm to a vulnerable person of a person – a minor, carried out consecutively and consecutively.

An arrest warrant was issued against the victim’s sister for Complicity in Human Trafficking, Professionally Performed and Intentional Homicide.

An arrest warrant was issued against the victim’s mother for the offense of Intentional Homicide.

Yesterday afternoon, the defendants were located in the area of ​​Kypseli and taken to Attica Security and today they were brought before the Criminal Enforcement Prosecutor, as they were arrested, pursuant to the above arrest warrants.

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