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Volos: The mistakes that led to the infant’s death

Volos: The mistakes that led to the infant’s death
Volos: The mistakes that led to the infant’s death

He spoke about the circumstances of the traffic accident that occurred on Saturday night in Volos, which tragically resulted in the death of a four-month-old baby, who ran away from his grandfather’s arms when a motorcyclist ran over them while they were crossing the road. at o Yannis Lionakis, president of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents.

As he mentions, the correct behavior on the road is a serious issue that concerns all drivers and pedestrians, while he maintains that 90% of motorcycle drivers in our country are self-taught.

Regarding the images released from the scene of the traffic accident, which record frame by frame what happened, Yannis Lionakis explains that “I think that from the images we saw, as they are broadcast, something did not go well in the whole story from both sides mistakes were made.”

Regarding pedestrians, the president of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents is vertical, most of the time they cross the road in the wrong way.

“For his part, the pedestrian in Greece has not learned to walk, he does not know where he should move and in most cases he does not know where to check. We have pedestrians, where, despite the fact that traffic in Greece is always on the right, they first check from the left, with the result that when they get off the sidewalk, they find a car in front of them. As pedestrians, we don’t use the sidewalks as we should. We also cross the streets the wrong way. We don’t cross them vertically, but diagonally, and most important of all, we never try to reach the pedestrian crossing, where the driver is asked to stop, but we cross opposite where we want.”

According to Yannis Lionakis, it is important to be decisive when we want to cross a road. “Another important issue, from the moment we made the decision to cross the road, we must not stop our course for any reason. It is not possible to stop because that way we don’t give the driver the right feeling for what our intention is. A question arises in our own conscience, about whether or not we have time to pass, but also in the driver who cannot understand what we are going to do. It needs a decisive and quick step, with a vertical path”

On the other hand, many, according to him. are also the drivers’ responsibilities when they are with their machines on the asphalt: “In the first phase, in the residential area, we do not develop a speed of more than 50 km. When we approach an intersection we are asked to slow down, regardless of where we are going and whether we have priority or not, checking both directions. We must be sober and in good physical condition. It is now necessary as a country to adopt the practices of large European cities that want a speed limit of 30 km in the residential fabric of the cities. A mechanism should be created so that these speeds are monitored and the penalties are severe.”

According to the president of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents, 90% of motorcycle drivers are self-taught: “The main problem we have in Greece is high speed and secondly the use of helmets. Motorcycle drivers do not know how to drive in Greece, although our country is in the 3rd place in Europe with the highest use of motorcycles due to the geographical location and the long summer. Unfortunately, 90% of the drivers are self-taught, they didn’t go to a school in order to learn how to drive properly.”

Source: protothema

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