What is this sign on the Greek asphalt – Who places it, what does it mean

What is this sign on the Greek asphalt – Who places it, what does it mean
What is this sign on the Greek asphalt – Who places it, what does it mean

A sign that is making its appearance more and more frequently on the Greek asphalt causes drivers to easily wonder what exactly it means and who places it.

The presence of a white signal on the Greek asphalt has been detected by many drivers, creating unanswered questions about its meaning.

This sign – a white arrow – you will come across not by chance on freshly laid asphalt and while it is not part of the road markings or road markings, it has its own special meaning.

Essentially, this is the emblem of the company that undertook to correct the wrong spellings of the Greek roads.


It’s about her Hellas Directwhich took the initiative to repair the shoddy roads of the Attica basinupgrading road safety as much as possible.

With its own resources, Hellas Direct repairs potholes on Greek roads, ensuring that drivers of two-wheelers or cars using that section of road are not at risk.

Hellas Direct leaves its mark on the streets of Attica, filling potholes with fresh asphalt and placing on it a small but clearly visible sign.

In October alone, Hellas Direct managed to repair 136 potholes on the roads of Attica, based on the specifications and with the necessary permission from the municipal authorities.

The effort to repair and upgrade the roads in Attica is going to be continued by Hellas Direct in the coming months, proving in practice that its main concern is the reduction of traffic accidents and the safety of drivers and pedestrians.


So, the next time you meet the white arrow on the asphalt or the distinctive yellow van on your road, you will now know that the Hellas Direct has made sure that the roads of Attica become even a little better.

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