Stefanos Kasselakis: Without Polakis, there is no such thing!

Stefanos Kasselakis: Without Polakis, there is no such thing!
Stefanos Kasselakis: Without Polakis, there is no such thing!

09/11/2023 | 11:21
Babis Papapanagiotou

In a normal country, no one would seriously discuss the claims of a politician who knows what happened in Greece in the period 1995-2015, but does not remember what he himself wrote in the “National Herald” after 2016. And yet, in Greece we discuss the rumors that “fly” every now and then St. Kasselakisin the context of a lasting politically empty prelude.

According to G. Stathakis, “a fan of Mitsotakis who voted for Papandreou, but in the end is a leftist” is already enjoying the indifference of the very large majority of the Greek people. A 20% deal with St. Kasselakis.

The remaining 80% consider him, if not disliked and a problem, indifferent. St. tried to deal with this big issue. Kasselakis and his staff with his meeting with N. Androulakis. They tried to give the impression of creating an “anti-government front”, which was not even ephemeral. It lasted just a few hours, until St. Kasselakis to revile PASOK and N. Androulakis as corrupt and responsible for the many billions of the Greek people that were lost.

Simple common sense acquired in an ordinary public school and not in famous American schools and universities or Goldman Sachs, would angrily shout: “But what are you doing? Are you going to create a nugget of governmental perspective in cooperation with PASOK and are you cursing PASOK?” Only a politically unstable personality would think to do such a thing.

It was done by St. Kasselakis, who has shown examples of writing political superficiality, emptiness, populism and lightness. But he has not shown signs of political instability. In contrast to his anti-PASOK “mentor”, P. Polakis, who has given many examples of political disorder. Sometimes by burying journalists three meters in the ground, sometimes by locking up 3-4 N.D. executives. in jail and too many times behaving like a common troll. Threatening citizens that he will find them one by one, cursing politicians, discovering “scandals” that only exist in his angry mind and promising that he would come with a second time, which would be different, but he never came. Instead, came the crash of 17% and its plummeting from the clouds to the harsh reality.

Day by day St. Kasselakis, and the more he talks, he proves to be minimal, populist, politically unarmored and “exists” at the mercy of Polakis. He undertakes to “cleanse” those who criticize him (Skurletis, Tsakalotos, Ahtsioglou, Vitsa, Fili, Dritsa, etc.). And, above all, he guides him. He tells him what to do and he tells him what not to do. This pushes him to behead comrades, who were in SYRIZA before him, when he himself was struggling politically between KKE-ANTARSYA and… Kazakhs. He banishes him to the unhesitating split of his party. And he told him not to go to the honorary event for K. Simitis. But also to blast the Simitis period as a matrix of corruption and entanglement.

There is no Kasselakis without Polakis. The new leader of SYRIZA exists only as the “avatar of apsy”.

PS: “Avatar” is the image that Internet users use as an identity, in addition to their name or nickname.

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