Her latest post, “never giving up” is moving News


The news of the death of the beloved actress Katia Nikolaidou at the age of 58 has caused sadness.

A news that became known late last night through the post of Taki’s brother.

However, one of her own posts, specifically the last one she has uploaded on her personal Instagram account, causes great emotion.

It was on New Year’s Eve 2023 when he “uploaded” a painting he had painted depicting the tree of life:

“’22 was the year that gave me the most pain. I lost my Love, Stability, Support. I lost people I considered an integral part of me. I fell and got up countless times, turning a blind eye to the impossible! At some point I felt the need to paint. I took canvas and brushes and started without knowing what I was doing! My hand went by itself. And that’s how I made the tree of life! Of my own life! Where no matter what happens, it will bloom golden-red and bright! By choice! My wish for the new year is to never give up!!!!! Let’s make the impossible possible!!!! May our tree bloom and bloom and bloom!

Joy is waiting somewhere nearby!!!! Happy New Year!!!! I love you”

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The article is in Greek

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