The Youth Pass platform opened today, who are the beneficiaries?

The Youth Pass platform opened today, who are the beneficiaries?
The Youth Pass platform opened today, who are the beneficiaries?

The Youth Pass is in the form of a digital debit card which beneficiaries will be able to use in businesses operating in the fields of culture, tourism and transport.

Submission of applications has started from today, Thursday, November 9 for payment of the Youth Pass which concerns 18 and 19 year olds. The financial support of 150 euros concerns about 200,000 young peoplewhile it is underlined that there are no property or income criteria.

Young people will be able to submit their applications either through the digital platform, either through the K.E.P. from Thursday November 9th until Tuesday December 5th.

The Youth Pass has the form digital debit card which the beneficiaries will be able to use in businesses active in its sectors cultureof tourism and of transportation. The aid will have been sent to the credit institutions by Friday 8 December and all beneficiaries will receive the aid by Wednesday 13 December.

The planning Youth Pass was made by him Ministers of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis, Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou, Interior Niki Kerameos and the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance Thanos Petralia, in accordance with what is defined in the Joint Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette B’ 5420/14.09.2023). The platform was implemented by the Information Society (KtP MAE) in collaboration with the National Technology and Research Infrastructure Network (EDYTE S.A. – GRNET), supervised bodies of the Ministry of Digital Governance, as well as the General Secretariat of Information Systems and Digital Governance.


Beneficiaries thereof Youth Pass are all tax residents of Greece who have completed the 18th or 19th year of their age within the year preceding the application and submit an application to the platform. In more detail, young people who completed either the 18th year or 19th year of their age from 01.01.2022 until 31.12.2022. The application is submitted once and is not resubmitted after the beneficiary turns 19. Therefore, an 18-year-old who submits up to December 5, 2023 application for it Youth Pass will receive 150 euros this year Furthermore 150 euros in 2024 without submitting a new application. It is noted that, if for any reason, a young person does not submit his application when he is 18, he can do so when he turns 19, of course receiving the aid only for the second year and not retroactively.

The Youth Pass is a permanent measure to support young people. Therefore, from 2024 and henceforth the special application will accept the applications of the interested parties from April 1st up to and including May 15th every year. The aid for all beneficiaries will be paid once a year by May 31 of each year.

Credit process

After submitting the application, the credit institution or financial organization informs the beneficiary about the first activation of the card and the crediting of the amount of money via text message (sms) or e-mail message (e-mail) with an embedded link to activate the card digital debit card.

Beneficiaries can make use of the aid they will receive to make purchases or receive services from businesses active in the fields of tourism (e.g. in tourist accommodation), culture (e.g. to attend theater performances or concerts, for the purchase of books, etc.) and transportation (taxi, buses, trains, ferry – plane tickets or for the rental of cars or pleasure boats, etc.).

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