From the ICU to heaven, 17-year-old George


S“healed” forever yesterday at the ICU of Venizelei, where 17-year-old Giorgos Parasyris had been hospitalized for 19 days, after a serious traffic accident on the beach avenue, every… trace of life. The car, in which the unfortunate child was riding as a passenger, veered off its course and hit a light pole on the side of Giorgos, who suffered serious brain injuries.

It had been several days now that all medical tests confirmed that the 17-year-old was brain dead. But the tragic parents who were outside the ICU in the wee hours of the morning hoped until the end that their little boy would return home upright. We met them on the morning of October 27th. They were sitting next to each other on a bed in the ICU corridor. She, the mother, held in her hand a tiny icon and a rosary.

-How is your child?

– Everything will be fine! We will all return home together, he replied emphatically.

It gave the impression that in order to exorcise the evil, he would have to leave no doubt in her words. In those critical hours and while they were praying to God for their own child, they had felt the need to activate the authorities “for all the other children of the world”, as they characteristically mentioned, so that the necessary actions could be taken to restore the road surface at the point where it happened the car accident. “7.5 years ago our nephew lost his life in the same place.

Today at 3 p.m. the funeral of the unfortunate George

Just a 22 year old kid. The iconostasis still stands there. It is right at the height of a well-known supermarket chain. From Yofyros towards the beach, after a “sweet” turn. The road tricks you, you run and suddenly the vehicle falls into the pothole and you lose control. Not all drivers are experienced. There are also new kids who are more impulsive in their driving. The road is shoddy and should have been repaired years ago.

If you journalists can do anything, help. Highlight the problem so that the competent services will “wake up”, was their request and exhortation. In their pain, they did not fail to express their gratitude for the huge embrace of doctors, nurses, paramedics, waiters, cleaners. They were especially touched by the support and love from everyone without exception.

In fact, on the occasion of the unpleasant developments in the long-suffering Venizelio, the father wanted to send his own message: “It is a shame what is being done to Venizelio. By what they are doing, they are trying to break it up. My child was not killed, he was injured and had the chance to fight for his life while being hospitalized. To have a chance to fight for your life is a very great thing. Non-negotiable.

So let’s all put it in their minds.” The devastation of George’s untimely death has “broken” his family and has plunged relatives, friends, classmates into mourning. The atmosphere was heavy and uplifting throughout Gazi, which has mourned on the asphalt not a few young children, 17-year-old Angelos, 17-year-old Mattheos, 21-year-old Erdi…

Sadness at GEL Gazi

In its announcement, GEL Gazi notes:

“Yorgos Parasyris was a remarkable student, full of life, enthusiasm and promises for the future. His friends, classmates and teachers say the warmest things about his personality, his kindness, his dancing skills. The loss of George is a heartbreak without hope of relief for his family, the Gazi High School and the entire local community.

His passing leaves a deep void in all of our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family as they deal with his loss. Gaziou High School offers the utmost support and assistance to his family during this difficult time. George’s memory will remain alive in our school.”

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