In Gaza it crushes all humanitarian values

In Gaza it crushes all humanitarian values
In Gaza it crushes all humanitarian values

Almost 73% of the 11,000 dead are women and children, Turkey’s president said

Severe attack on Israel that with the bombings and the military attack on Gaza has crushed all humanitarian values ​​unleashed the president of Turkey, Rejep Tayip Erdogan.
“Israel continues to bomb schools, mosques, churches, hospitals, crushing all humanitarian values.
Almost 73% of the 11,000 people brutally killed by Israel in Gaza are women and children” asserted Erdogan, who announced plans to launch a global initiative to resolve the Gaza crisis.
In this context, the Turkish president asks to declare a ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible and put an end to the crimes committed by Israel.
“I will call each of the world leaders, I will negotiate with them and meet with them if necessary.
I intend to start a joint global initiative on Gaza with leaders, presidents and prime ministers,” Erdogan said while speaking to a committee of the ruling Justice and Development Party on November 7, as reported by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.
According to the publication, this initiative by Erdogan will begin after the extraordinary Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation scheduled for the coming weekend of November 11 and 12 in Saudi Arabia.

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