Black Friday: The air conditioner you’re looking for at the price you want!


THE Black Friday is coming and like every year at this time everyone’s impatience to take advantage of the top offers of the year intensifies. This is the perfect opportunity to get what you’ve been eyeing for a long time at deeply discounted prices.

This year, the Black Friday falls on November 24. We are talking, as always, about the last Friday of November. Of course, as is customary in recent years, the Black Friday deals they are expected to start earlier and last at least two weeks. So, this is a very good time for purchases that you wanted or aimed to make during the year.

It is a good opportunity to invest in expensive household appliances, such as a good air conditioner. The air-conditioner has become for many years one of the most important white appliances for a household. Especially in Greece, an air conditioner is absolutely necessary to deal with the summer heat but also important to keep warm during the winter, without spending a fortune on energy bills.

Did you know that in a house of 50 sq.m. an air conditioner can save you around 300€ in six months depth compared to natural gas and oil burners? In a house of 100 sq.m. the profit can even rise to €680.

But let’s see how to choose the right one air conditioner on Black Friday.

Room Size & BTUs

Before you start looking for the offers, you need to determine some data and also ascertain your needs. First, you should think in which room you will place your new air conditioner. Keep in mind that the bigger the room, the more powerful the air-conditioner is needed.

This is where the so-called BTUs come in, i.e. their rated output. It is a measurement unit which, in simple words, helps us to determine how efficiently and quickly an air conditioner can reach the ideal temperature.

Keep in mind that if the room where you will put the air conditioner is up to 18 square meters, then you will need a model between 9,000 – 11,000 BTU/h. If your space is between 18 sq.m and 25 sq.m then you need one between 12,000 – 17,000 BTU/h. If we are talking about a space of 25 sq.m – 40 sq.m. then the ideal is an air conditioner from 18,000 BTU/h up to 23,000 BTU/h. Finally, anything over 40 sq.m. a model of 24,000 BTU/h and above is needed.

Energy class

The goal here is to consume as little as possible. And that’s because less consumption automatically means lower energy bills. But how will you achieve this with a new air conditioner? But of course by choosing an air conditioner model with a high energy class. The higher the energy class, the more energy efficient the device. The scale of heating and cooling energy efficiency ranges from D to A+++, with the latter being the most efficient and economical. Don’t neglect to check two more indicators. SEER (seasonal cooling energy efficiency) and SCOP (seasonal heating energy efficiency).

Smart Technologies

Modern air conditioners often have smart features that offer an overall better quality and more comfortable heating or cooling, always saving energy. Some models can be controlled remotely from your smartphone via smartphone apps. So, before you get home, you can choose to turn on the air conditioner so that when you enter, it has already reached the ideal temperature you desire. In addition, it would be good to prefer an Air Condition with ECO mode, 3D Air Flow, dehumidification mode, sleep mode and those equipped with quality protection filters for clean air and a healthy atmosphere.

From Toyotomi, Daikin, Bosch and Fujitsu to Inventor, Juro-Pro, Midea and Hisense, you will find top discounts on their models on Black Friday so you can choose the one that will meet your personal heating needs and cooling.

Instructions for Black Friday

Since the offers will certainly be tempting, it would be good to have set a shopping budget in advance. Try not to outrun him because otherwise, you might have to… break the piggy bank! Also, it is good to have done a little research before the offers go in for good. You should have compared prices and features and have more or less settled on the brand and specific model of air conditioner you are looking for. That way, you’ll be on the lookout for any additional deals, coupons, or anything else you can win. Of course, be careful, because there may be limited pieces and you may miss the ideal offer. You should be fast too!

Happy Black Friday shopping!

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