Broken by accident skull of 700 years of antiquity during exhibition in Cholula, Puebla

Broken by accident skull of 700 years of antiquity during exhibition in Cholula, Puebla
Broken by accident skull of 700 years of antiquity during exhibition in Cholula, Puebla

Un skull of 700 years old que fue discovered hace menos de dos meses fue destroyed accidentally during a presentation of vestigios archeológicos en el municipio de San Andrés Cholulain the state of Puebla.

It was last September 15 when the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) made the discovery of once human remains and a carved stone associated with the god Tláloc, dated to the Late Postclassic period (1200-1521 AD).

Los descubrimientos se realizaron durante las laboros de substitution de drenages pluviales en las calles 16 de Septiembre, 15 Oriente y 2 Sur. Bajo el nivel de piso de esa vialidad se identificaron 11 primary burials, es decir, que they have not been altered since their original inhumation.

El INAH found once entierros en Cholula, Puebla CREDIT: INAH

Of them, cinco correspond to sub-adult persons and were accompanied by funerary instruments formed by vases, figurillas, fragmentos de obsidiana y puntas de proyectil. Of them, one of the five skeletons presented modeled cephalic tabular erect and dental modification.

While the recovered ceramic remains were recovered domestic instrumentscomo ollas, comales, malacates, braseros y cajetes, además de fragments de figurillas, unas monocromas y otras stucadas, con vestigios de polycromía.

This Wednesday, November 8, the presentation of the archaeological remains found in the rehabilitation works took place. It was during this event at the Casa de cultura Tlanezcalli that the tragedy happened, when a person accidentally shot the skull of more than seven centuries.

At first there was the version that one of the assistants had it in his hand and it slipped, then the archeologist Sergio Suárez Cruz assured that the skull was twisted in his backpack and finally the piece fell to the floor.

The person in charge of revising the vestiges, assured that the piece only broke in three, mismas que se pueden intervenir para volver ser exhibido, sin embargo, in images shared through the social networks it could be appreciated that the skull quedó destrozado en muchos fragments.

The municipal president of San Andrés Cholula, Edmundo Tlatehui Percino, was present in the area and after the accident ordered the pieces to be saved immediately.

The skull was of a person of the third age who at the moment of being discovered was sitting. It can be pointed out that the area where the skull was was not cordoned off and it was very close to the edge of a table.

Although the authorities did not detuvien al responsible, se dice que pudo haber sido un reportero que asistió a la exposición o bien un trabajador.

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