Vasiliki makes it clear to Ariadne that she feels nothing for her


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The Land of Olives: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be shocking as we will see how Vasiliki makes it clear to Ariadne that he does not feel anything for her.

My princess, you are being unfair now…

Stathis does everything he can to get Ariadne close to the Brettakos, but nothing works. Iulia manages to make things even worse and her daughter’s rejection crushes her.

All of Areopolis, you are upset when Potis and Anna are missing. While Demosthenes devises a plan aimed at Isidore.

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The revelation that Ariadne is the daughter of Stathis and Iulia strikes like lightning in the Areopolis and makes the foundations of the house of the Brettacas crack. Once again Isidore is ready to explode.

But seeing his sister in a very bad psychological state, he decides to keep his mouth shut and support her as much as he can. On the contrary, Areti lashes out shouting wherever she stands and wherever she is found that she fell victim to Stathis, who mocked her all these years.

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According to 7 Meres TV, however, Vasiliki has not taken the news any better since she makes it clear to Ariadne, who seeks to meet and talk, that she feels absolutely nothing for her. The girl then approaches Christos and asks him to hire her in his tavern.

He does not manage to hide the attraction he feels and Lycurgus who realizes it warns him to break up with her immediately before it is too late. Stathis meanwhile informs Iulia that their daughter will stay permanently in Mani despite the fact that Areti continues to make her life difficult.

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Demosthenes instead rushes to invite father and daughter home for dinner, which puts Aspasia in a difficult position. Isidoros on the other hand explains to Stathis his intentions towards Julia’s daughter.

Ariadne herself goes to the tavern again and Christos, unable to resist her, announces to her that he is hired.

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