In which Region was “smart crossing” installed?

In which Region was “smart crossing” installed?
In which Region was “smart crossing” installed?

The aim is sustainable mobility, the protection of vulnerable groups and ensuring road safety.

THE region of Attica continues to implement projects and actions that contribute to its strengthening driver road safety and pedestrians. In this direction, it takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the constantly evolving technology.

Last night, Mr Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulisaccompanied by the Vice-Regional Governor of Piraeus Stavroula Antonakousupervised the construction of a modern model crossing with signals in Piraeus. It is one of the most central pedestrians’ crossingwhich connects the Subway with commercial and passenger port.


On the occasion of the visit to the site, Mr G. Patoulis said: “Another important project for the safety of citizens is on the final stretch of completion. Our goal is to sustainable mobilitythe protection of vulnerable groups and the assurance of road safety in Region of Attica. In this direction, we use every possibility provided by modern technology.

It should be noted that the choice modernization of the one in question crossing it was made with the extremely high number of pedestrian crossings in mind throughout 24 hours, although there is a built pedestrian bridge near it. THE “smart gateway» has lights installed on the road surface, which change color depending on whether or not pedestrians are allowed to cross.

Respectively lights have also been placed in the pavement, which are red when crossing the vehicles, with the aim of preventing pedestrians from crossing the crossing and turn white when the cars they stop.

At the same time, there are special cameras that detect the number of pedestrians who use the crossing, as well as the number of cars that cross it every day, providing valuable information to the transport experts of Traffic Management Center.

The specific points and crossings, reinforce illuminated signs of high reflectivity, in accordance with the provisions of Road Traffic Code. For better access of citizens with disabilities special interventions have been created. Finally, the entire crossing is redrawn using highly reflective cold plastic material.

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