629 products participate in the initiative (vid)

629 products participate in the initiative (vid)
629 products participate in the initiative (vid)

The products which have been declared to the Ministry of Development, within the framework of the initiative for “permanent price reduction”, reached a total of 629until the evening of Monday, November 6.

In particular, it is about foods (milk, jams, sugar, cereals, yogurt, cold cuts, rice) detergents, cleaners, personal care products etc.

Regarding the increase in prices observed in supermarket shelves and the fines that have been imposed on businesses in relation to the Unfair Profit Act the Minister of Development spoke, Kostas Skrekas: “The rise in prices did not come solely from greed. The increase in prices in the previous two years happened because we had objective conditions, for example we had a war – now we have a second war – and there was also an energy crisis. Prices have dropped, durum wheat has gone to 28 cents from 32 cents, i.e. “fell” by 4 minutes. the prices of bread and toast in supermarkets have been reduced.”

“The fines where we put the summer collected within 20 days for the offending companies to receive the discount as well. As for the €2 million fines, one million for each company that violated the Unfair Profit Act, one company will pay the fine and then appeal.

The fines are collected and I must tell you that of the 7.5 million fines that have been imposed during the year, 4.5 have been confirmed or paid to the tax office. The point is not only to collect the fines, the aim is not to harm the companies. The goal is for businesses to adapt to the dictates of the law passed by our government on unfair profiteering and for households to see the prices of products decrease on the shelves,” noted Mr. Skrekas, speaking to Mega.

In question about the if there will be further price reduction on the shelves, the minister emphasized: “We are pushing for the prices on the shelves to be reduced as much as possible, we have checks for unfair profiteering, we impose fines and the prices are corrected, we have the “permanent price reduction” initiative and we also have the household basket that every week is renewed”.

The Ministry of Development is also preparing one add to “e-katanalotis” application so that the citizen can send a complaint on the spot from his mobile phone – with a photo or text – to the ministry, which will proceed with the relevant investigation.

It is recalled that from Monday, November 13, checks begin of the Interagency Market Control Unit (DIMEA) at supermarket stores, according to information from the Ministry of Development, in order to determine whether they have placed the “permanent price reduction” tags, as they should.

Meanwhile, another six multinational companies are being audited, while 10-14 Greek companies are also being audited, based on the Unfair Profit Law.

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