What about Arkas, and why after his last post some people speculate that he is not alive?


Tons of ink has been spent over the past 30+ years on the true identity of the comic book artist. Enough. THE Enough started his career from the historical comic magazine (and not only) of it Babel with the famous Rooster of. Then he was loved by the whole comics world and not only Greece with his Isovitis which was translated into many languages ​​and was later on the last page of Epsilon of Eleftherotypia.

Much speculation has been made at times as to who was behind his trademark humor Enough and his characteristic sketches, from his wikipedia we read:

“The real name of the author in question is unknown, as he has not revealed it, while the names Antonis Eudaimons and Gerasimos Spanodimitris, which he has used in his works, are considered pseudonyms. Also, the name Aris Kastrinos has been suggested (from where AR-KAS supposedly comes from).”

For more information you can listen to Aris Dimokides’ podcast “The hard truth about Arkas”.

In recent years his new sketches Enoughare only uploaded online from the creator’s official facebook page.

It is interesting that in 2016 this page made the following post:

“The only things we will upload now are these links and announcements about Arkas’ new books. Unfortunately, Arkas does not care about likes, so he is not going to give a new sketch on fb, as long as there are fake pages with his name. His sketches are constantly being spoofed online and used by right-wing, left-wing and fascists for propaganda. Any fake page can upload such sketches (some already do) and mislead the world even more by dragging his name. The genuine sketches of Arkas the genuine friends of his work will find them where they found them 35 years ago: in books of. Maybe it is better this way. The only ones who lose are the casual friends of Arkas who learned about him from the Internet and the forgers of his sketches or his name.”


We don’t know what drove him Enough to return to sketches, but his return, and the political stance he took with the sketches, against populism according to his current fans, against the left according to old fans, his low level of humor compared to the past and of course the change of his sketch to the more simplistic one (with the recent addition of too many ai images), started to make the rumors about him again Enough to riot.

arkas2 2

This time the rumor was, that the Enough he does not know that some people are taking advantage of his signature to make money from his work and make right-wing propaganda.


Speculations have been going on for a long time, and yesterday his page Enough on fb decided to respond with this sketch.

arkas2 1

Some understood the post as follows:

“Arkas started with sketches with social content, those who have known him for decades. He criticized everyone and everything without taking sides, and to this he owed his success to the relatively few who read him.

Suddenly, a few years ago, he took a stand shamelessly supporting a specific faction… this was not Arkas.

And then he threw it into the simple caricature….thanasakis is amazing and I laugh a lot, but it’s a caricature.

got old ??

Passed away??

It definitely changed.”

arkas3 1

Some others took the post quite literally. In fact, they talk about “unworthy successors”:


Others think he’s just trolling “Prints sketches from the grave” writes o Harry on twitter

arkas5 1

However, many on Twitter see the sketch, clearly as an obituary:

“It is the classic of funerals: “A died. Immortal!!!” His “legacy” lives on. Through the “administrators” of This is what the account operator writes.” It is written by mikresnikes


However, some people think what I thought too:

Let’s write something Sibylline that reads as one wants…

arkas6 1

The article is in Greek

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