Israel-Hamas war: More than 11,700 dead in total

Israel-Hamas war: More than 11,700 dead in total
Israel-Hamas war: More than 11,700 dead in total

The list of victims of the war between Israel and Hamas increased for another day and according to the new data the number of dead on both sides reaches 11,728.

According to the latest figures on the war in Israel from the health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, at least 10,328 Palestinians have been killed since October 7 in the Israel-Hamas war. The ministry says 4,237 of those killed in the Gaza Strip were children. In relation to yesterday’s update, the number of dead announced by Gaza has increased by 300.

Independent media organizations have been unable to verify the number of casualties reported by Gaza and recently US President Joe Biden has disputed the number of dead in Gaza.

Israel for its part has announce at least 1,400 dead and 242 hostages.

In addition, the aforementioned Ministry of Health in Gaza reported yesterday that in the West Bank 152 Palestinians have been killed and 2,100 wounded from October 7. The claims have not been independently verified.

Israel-Hamas War: Reuters on Khan Younis

A little while ago, Reuters reported from the southern part of the Gaza Strip the effects of the Israeli air strike on Khan Younis, which is within the area in which Israel has ordered the evacuation of civilians. The agency’s reporter saw a man carrying it lifeless body of a small child, dressed in what looked like pink pajamas, from the flattened ruins of a house. Also as reported by the Guardian, quoting Reuters, the correspondent saw another young girl who had survived, but was trapped by a slab of concrete that had fallen at her feet.

“I swear we are waiting for death. It will be better than living. We expect death at any moment. It’s a delayed death,” a middle-aged resident of Khan Younis, who gave his name as Abu Jihad, told Reuters.

About Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, Reuters said that a series of corpses wrapped in white shrouds, which they were placed on the ground outside the door. From the length of the bodies it was clear that some of the dead were adults and some others were children.

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