Draw and results today 7/11/2023


The 45th draw of the People’s Lottery takes place today, Tuesday 7/11/2023. The new lottery for the People’s Lottery distributes 2,300,000 euros.

The draw takes place at 7 pm and is broadcast live on the OPAP YouTube channel.

A little later we also have the winnings table, where all the winning numbers are detailed.

How the profit table works

The People’s Lottery has been renewed and brought significant changes to the winnings table. The lucky ones whose number has an odd or even last digit win from 10 euros, depending on whether the last digit of the Grand Lucky of the draw is odd or even.

This means that each hand has a 50% chance of being lucky and returning the player the money they paid for the five.

Winnings from 50 to 5,000 euros for 139 lucky people

The changes of the renewed People’s Lottery do not stop there. Fans of the game have the chance to win from €50 to €5,000 if they have chosen one of the 139 lucky numbers that will be drawn at random.

The minimum amount for Tridymos’ profits is 300,000 euros.

Also, those who have the same number as the number of Megalo Lachnos in all the other series, except for the triplets, win from 15,000 euros.

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