Aspropyrgos: “What are they saying? I’m joking with the kids,” says the gymnast

Aspropyrgos: “What are they saying? I’m joking with the kids,” says the gymnast
Aspropyrgos: “What are they saying? I’m joking with the kids,” says the gymnast

Disturbance prevails in a school in Aspropyrgos, as a gymnast was arrested on the charge of harassing his male and female students. The 30-year-old was charged with serial indecent abuse of minors by a teacher, and was given a deadline to plead guilty on Thursday.

According to what has become known, more than 10 parents of students have testified to the investigator about the teacher’s actions.

The gymnast, according to information from MEGA, has harassed more than 50 students while he is talking about a simple “tickling”. However, his “teases” have disturbed both the young students and the parents themselves.

“He’s got Asperger’s syndrome, he thinks he’s still a kid”

The father of the 30-year-old gymnast spoke to MEGA, stating that his son has Asperger’s syndrome and in a conversation they had told him that he has a friendly relationship with the students.

“The director called me that the child has been caught and is at the police station. My child, (…), is not because he is my child, but because he has Asperger’s syndrome. He’s a kid, his age doesn’t match his age, that is, he’s much younger, actually. This created the greatest problem for him at the moment, because he thinks he is still a child and with children there can be a contact of the kind that we approach the children, I say to him: “be careful my love, be careful please”, “Daddy” , he tells me, “we are friends with the children”.

“He tickled the children, he says, but not wickedly. He says to me: “Dad, what are they saying? I’m joking with the kids” he tells me, “they’re kids, I went to approach them” that is, he (…) always said that: “I want to teach young people morals”. I can’t believe this thing has happened. I can’t believe this thing that has happened to (…)”.

“(…) is a malama child, not because he is my son, by God. The whole world has to say that. There is no better child. He had studied special education the child with children to help because he feels the same and wants to help this situation. In fact, now that I tell him: “you will not go to this school again” he says: “why dad? Is running away better?’ He’s managing it but I’m scared,” he concluded.

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