What is the white driver’s license – When is it issued, what is valid in Greece

What is the white driver’s license – When is it issued, what is valid in Greece
What is the white driver’s license – When is it issued, what is valid in Greece

A new category of license has been created by the French authorities enabling offenders to retain their ability to drive even if they have committed an offence.

As in the Greek Road Traffic Code and in that of most member states of the European Union, a serious traffic violation does not exclusively result in a a heavy fine but also the suspension of the driver’s license for a certain period of time.

In fact, many consider that the removal of the ability to drive, even on a temporary basis, is a much more serious and therefore deterrent penalty than any monetary fine.

And this is because without a driver’s license you are obliged to give up basic activities, even if they belong to the sphere of your work or necessary medical care.


To limit the consequences of the suspension of the driver’s license, the French have established a new “category” of driver’s license, which in essence “issued” by the judicial authorities at the request of the offender.

In case of suspension of the driver’s license, the offender reserves the right to resort to the competent authorities and request a partial lifting of the temporary ban to get back behind the wheel.

From there, the matter goes to the judicial authorities, which must examine the request and decide if and if the specific driver is entitled to the “white” driving license which will allow him to move with his vehicle to and from his workplace, if of course there is no other way of moving.


The white driver’s license is also given to those who have to visit medical units or a serious reason, a family reason imposes their daily travel by car.

Of course, the above conditions are not enough to obtain the white diploma, as the offenses committed by the driver should not be related to excessive alcohol consumption (over 0.40 mg), excessive speed (exceeding the limit over 50 km/h), abandoning a victim and dangerous driving.

What is true in Greece?

In our country, the issuance of the white license is not institutionalized, however, there is a procedure through which an offender can request a review of the penalties in the event of the removal of the driver’s license or registration plates.

This procedure provides for the submission of a complaint to the relevant police stationwhich is examined and then a decision is made on whether the necessary conditions are met to lift some of the penalties that have been imposed.


Although if the driver’s license is returned to the offender then he can return to the wheel without any restrictionwhich is not the case as we described above in the case of the white diploma of the French.

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