“Death on Papers” by the Let’s Act group at the Victoria Theatre


The thriller “Death on Papers” is staged for the second year by the theater group Let’s Act in a new roof and with a renewed cast, at the Victoria Theater on October 15, directed by Pigis Boukouvala. A subversive look at the tried and tested recipe of the theatrical thriller, with lots of suspense and doses of black humor.

Sophie and Nikos, a new couple, move to a deserted area of ​​Pallini, where Sophie will try to recover after the suicide of her ex-fiancé and her subsequent confinement in a psychiatric clinic. From the first moment Sophie has misgivings about the house, which intensify after a burglary incident while Nikos is away on a business trip.

The couple’s life continues as normal until, at a party, a psychic casts the Tarot on Sophie and predicts death. The developments will be dramatic, unpredictable and, above all, terrifying for all involved. The secrets hidden beneath the surface will come to light and the result will be even darker than what the cards predicted…

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Directed by: Pigi Boukouvala

Text: N. Ioannou

Played by:

Fanis Stamou

Boukouvala spring

Marilena Kekatou

Christos Tsoukas

Hara Kyritsis

Panos Tsaligopoulos

Special Effects: Costa Funtastico
Makeup editor: Dora Patso
Scenery: Irini Balla

Styling: Hara Kyritsis

Assistant Director: Marilena Kekatou

Photos: Giorgos Sargiannidis

Public relations – Communication – Production direction: Dora Patso

Venue: Victoria Theatre, Magnisias 5 & Aristotelous Street, Athens

Performance days and times: Sunday, 9:00 p.m.

Duration: 65 minutes

Tickets: 15 Euro and 12 Euro (reduced for students and unemployed), special ticket prices for clubs and groups

Reservations: 6981347381

Team page: https://www.facebook.com/Lets-Act-827017867356400

The article is in Greek

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