Murder of A. Grigoropoulou: Korkoneas trial postponed at Areio Pagos


Until January 9, 2024, the Supreme Court adjourned the case of recognition of the extenuating sentence of the former common-law life to Episcopalian Korkoneas, 15 years after the murder of Alex. Grigoropoulos, while tension prevailed in the courtroom.

In particular, Zoi Konstantopoulou spoke about “methods of an attempt to silence”, complaining that she was not allowed to develop her claims, as during her shopping the president was taking continuous breaks.

The highlight was the declaration of intent to abstain for reasons of decency on the part of the president, with the prosecutor proposing to adjourn the case. “Manipulating the outcome of the trial in favor of the accused” complained the side of the Grigoropoulos family. Finally, the court adjourned until January 9, 2024. “You are serving Korkoneas” complained the supporter of the charge, saying that procedurally the process should continue with a new president and not be postponed.

The attorneys, Nikos and Zoe Konstantopoulou, together with Gina Tsalikian, Al’s mother. Grigoropoulos, appeared before the Sixth Division of the Supreme Court, in order to refute for the second time the rationale of the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Lamia, by which Epam was released again. Korkoneas. The meeting started with tension, due to the president’s decision not to proceed with a short break in order for Gina Tsalikian and Zoe Konstantopoulou to come to the courtroom.

“What is clear is that justice has played with the family,” argued the attorney as soon as she received the floor, asking for the court to be constituted “by impartial judges.” Addressing the court she said: “Your behavior is extremely biased and you are playing with the fact that the family want the process to be completed. This mother, who every time gathers her strength to appear before the representatives of justice, is waiting for the irrevocable decision.”

The president’s interruptions while the defense attorneys in support of the accusation tried to develop their appeal, caused new reactions:

Nikos Konstantopoulos: The sober and impartial judge listens, does not interrupt.

Zoe Konstantopoulou: You commit gross obstruction of the work of the advocate. Is that what you want? Office to bully lawyers? For 15 years, this mother has been waiting for irrevocable justice. From the first trial onwards he is obstructed. They’ve obviously bugged you so you don’t bother. You will say who has disturbed you…. A 15-year-old boy fell dead with a bullet to the heart. Because an armed police officer of the Greek state killed him with a bullet to the heart on Saturday night at his friend’s party. You are biased, you should not be presiding. I appeal to the court, for forty minutes the side of the prosecution is trying to develop its positions and suddenly you interrupt.

The president interrupted the process, with Zoe Konstantopoulou reacting as she had not completed her placement. With the start of the proceedings and despite the reactions of the Grigoropoulos family since – as it was pointed out – he had not completed his appeal, the deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court, V. Papadas, proceeded with his presentation and referred to the request to appear in support of the charge, proposing the rejection of it.

“The Greek legal order in terms of mitigating factors that determine the amount of the penalty, does it allow the person supporting the accusation to have a say? The plenary said no. Here are the counterarguments. It would have been the subject of an investigation if it had been included as a reason for appeal by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, which was not done,” said the public prosecutor, explaining that for this reason it was “useless to wait for the lady who had the great pain of losing her child ».

For her part, Zoe Konstantopoulou denounced “procedural manipulation” and “methods to try to silence”. Once again, the presiding judge gave the floor to the defense before the family’s side could finish their argument, leading to renewed tension that led to another adjournment.

Afterwards, the president of the seat stated that she intends to abstain for reasons of decency, because of what was heard against her, while the prosecutor of the CA requested “mandatory postponement of the debate”.

Nikos Konstantopoulos argued that this is a “methodology of the outcome of the trial in favor of the accused. Another two months without prison for the man convicted of manslaughter with direct intent.” He emphasized that “procedurally there is no intention to submit a statement. The principle of fair trial is undermined. Personal will turns into an arbitrary decision and indeed into a case of blatant historicity. Is this the concept of the rule of law? What is happening is unacceptable.”

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