Vassilis Koukouras: The emotional confession about the death of his parents

Vassilis Koukouras: The emotional confession about the death of his parents
Vassilis Koukouras: The emotional confession about the death of his parents

Vassilis Koukouras spoke movingly about the loss of his parents and the actor emphasized that they left early and he would like more than anything to have them and to be able to see him in his performances.

Vassilis Koukouras was a guest today (7.11.2023) on the set of the show “Pame Danae”. The actor talked about the performance “The Millionaire” at the Pallas theater, the role he plays, and he also mentioned the… eyes he wants to see him on stage.

“This is a production that every actor would like to participate in. It’s not just the material of the thing, it’s also about human relationships and acting. I feel very lucky in relation to the choice made by Giannis Kakleas for this role. It’s a difficult role and I’m still looking for it. Acting was a challenge because people are not used to me in such a role. It’s a strange and dark role. With this role I have faced a great challenge and I am “fighting” with it“, initially said Vassilis Koukouras.

“I have educated and I have been educated”

Regarding his personal life, Vassilis Koukouras characteristically mentioned that “I’ve been bullied and I’ve been bullied” and then added: “The point is that I myself have understood what I have educated and whom, so that I myself can be educated and face my selfishness. This is the meaning of life at all levels of relationships, especially romantic ones, but it’s not just these relationships, it’s the friendly, the professional, the family ones.”

On the occasion of human relationships, which is also a topic that the show deals with, Vassilis Koukouras said: “Into human relationships, the mind enters, that is, the intellect and destroys everything. For me, the mind is very leveling and has devastating effects. Selfishness and logic are two destructive things, in these two I have traced my faults. The artist has “tampered” behind the fact that he doesn’t always have a job, this thing doesn’t concern the world. I’m dealing with my existential issuesand this is essential, if I have solved them, my everyday life will show it”.

The loss of his parents

Asked what “shook” him in his life, Vassilis Koukouras answered: “Death is a very big message. I’ve lost people early in my life and it shook me. I lost my mother early and relatively early I also lost my father. I would like let their eyes see me in every performancebut I have the feeling that they are watching me”.

In closing, Vassilis Koukouras said: “It is a fact that since the license to practice our work was abolished, it has become open in many areas. Not everyone can become an actor. I believe that many mistakes have been made by the respective governments. Culture in Greece is not treated seriously, there are many drama schools that we do not need. An Academy must be established and the license to practice must be reinstated. A “guard” is needed. Of course you don’t get paid for the rehearsals.”

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