Kasselakis is in Brussels today – The agenda of his meetings


After the last institutional meetings within the borders, Stefanos Kasselakis continues the initiatives for the Economy and State of justice.

The president of SYRIZA-PS moves today to Brusselswhere he will have important contacts on the issues of the economy and development, but also on the wiretapping scandal, for which “the country is dragged and held accountable internationally, with the sole responsibility of the Mitsotakis government”, as claimed by sources from Koumoundourou.

In this context, he will meet today (20:00 Greek time) with Eurogroup of SYRIZA – PS, while tomorrow he will have a series of meetings with the Commissioner for the Economy and former Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni, the President of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) of the European Parliament and MEP of the Socialist Party of Spain, Juan Fernando López Aguilarthe President of the Green Group in the European Parliament, Philippe Lamberts, the co-presidents of the Left Group in the European Parliament Martin Schirdewan and Manon Aubry and MEPs of the Group.

The President of SYRIZA – PS gives special importance to the issues concerning the Stability Pact, the Multiannual Financial Framework and the Recovery Fund. It is pointed out that SYRIZA – PS considers that “the Recovery Fund tends to evolve – due to the government’s choices – into a redistribution tool for the benefit of the few and the poor and to constitute yet another lost opportunity for the productive reconstruction of the country” and that ” the fairer distribution of resources with an emphasis on strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises, the vast majority of which remain outside the green and digital transition, is a position of principle” for the Official Opposition.

At the same time, with his meetings with leading representatives of three progressive political groups of the European Parliament (Left, Greens, Socialists), the President of SYRIZA-PS “reaffirms the party’s role as a leading force of the European Left, which builds bridges with all the progressive forces of Europe”.

SYRIZA sources add: “This will be the goal of SYRIZA-PS also on the way to the European elections: To bring back to the fore the proposal for a grand progressive alliance in the European Parliament, which will put a brake on the dominance of conservative forces and promote solutions sustainable, inclusive development, social cohesion and democratic re-establishment of Europe”.

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