“Ring” Areios Pagos in the process for recognition of extenuating circumstances in Korkoneas

“Ring” Areios Pagos in the process for recognition of extenuating circumstances in Korkoneas
“Ring” Areios Pagos in the process for recognition of extenuating circumstances in Korkoneas

In high tones it was held on Tuesday at Areo Pago the procedure for the recognition of the mitigating factor of the previous life in law for the murderer of the 15-year-old Alexandrou GrigoropoulosEpaminondas Korkonea.

The session began without the presence of the victim’s mother, Jinas Tsalikian, but also of the victim’s mother’s lawyers, Nikos and Zois Konstantoulos, who strongly protested to the president of the court, on the one hand, because they were not present to develop their positions, on the other hand because the chairperson was replaced at the last minute.

“Your behavior is extremely biased and you are playing with the fact that the family wants the process to be completed. This mother, who every time gathers her strength to appear in front of the representatives of justice, is waiting for the irrevocable decision”, said Ms. Konstantopoulou, addressing the court.

The president’s vacation, while the defense attorneys in support of the accusation tried to develop their appeal, caused new reactions:

Nikos Konstantopoulos: The sober and impartial judge listens, does not interrupt.

Zoi Konstantopoulou: You are seriously obstructing the work of the advocate. Is that what you want? Office to bully lawyers? For 15 years, this mother has been waiting for irrevocable justice. From the first trial onwards he is obstructed. Obviously, you have been pestered into not engaging. You will say who has disturbed you… A 15-year-old child fell dead with a bullet in the heart. Because an armed police officer of the Greek state killed him with a bullet to the heart, Saturday night, at his friend’s party. You are biased, you should not be presiding. I appeal to the court, for forty minutes the side of the prosecution is trying to develop its positions and suddenly you interrupt.

Prosecutor: The Greek legal system, in terms of mitigating factors that determine the amount of the penalty, allows the person supporting the accusation to have a say? The plenary said no. Here are the counterarguments. It would have been the subject of an investigation if it had been included as a reason for appeal by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, which was not done,” said the public prosecutor, explaining that for this reason it was “useless to wait for the lady who had the great pain of losing her child ».

Ms. Konstantopoulou spoke of “procedural manipulation” and “methods of attempted silencing”.

The president’s intention to abstain

The president of the seat stated that she intends to abstain for reasons of decency, because of what was heard against her, while the prosecutor of the AP requested “mandatory postponement of the debate”.

When the president announced that the procedure was postponed until January 9, 2024, Mrs. Konstantopoulou turned to the president and said:

“You have committed illegality, you are serving the side of the accused. You are the moral perpetrator of the next cop killing. Next time there’s a murder, I’ll say your name. Where is your decency, that you will submit a statement of abstention? Was it only for the postponement?

There is a method for postponement. You would have stepped down from the seat if you had abstained. The postponement is illegal. There is no judge who says I will file an abstention and presides.
You serve the murderer, let him be free for two more months.”

Nikos Konstantopoulos argued that this is a “methodology of the outcome of the trial in favor of the accused. Another two months without prison for the man convicted of manslaughter with direct intent.” He emphasized that “procedurally there is no intention to submit a statement. The principle of fair trial is undermined. Personal will turns into an arbitrary decision and indeed into a case of blatant historicity. Is this the concept of the rule of law? What is happening is unacceptable.”


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