Who is the winner, Kasselakis, Androulakis or “someone else”


In politics, management and physics when two quantities come into contact, the larger absorbs the smaller. Whether it happens by conflict or by merger is a matter determined by circumstances – and whether it is specifically political figures by the context of the moment.

In the case of the meeting of the presidents of SYRIZA and PASOK, Nikos Androulakis is an older party leader, more influential in self-government and parliamentary, but Stefanos Kasselakis represented more political power based on the current correlation in the Parliament.

The image created a first impression in favor of his president SYRIZA. While the former MEP was tense and his movements awkward, the former shipowner was confident and exuded a sense of superiority towards his interlocutor. In the end he also imposed his agenda.

When Kasselakis asked to see Androulakis the reaction from the PASOK was that the meeting would be “etiquette”. As soon as it started, Androulakis was the first to give it substance, proposing that they… establish it to discuss critical political issues.

Thus, without realizing it, he gave his visitor the opportunity to put himself in her frame as well Center left. Next to the cadre of the central interlocutor of the governmental authority, in the meeting with Mitsotakis. Two birds with one stone…

When the meeting ended, Kasselakis had in his suitcases the consent of PASOK for cooperation in the wiretapping and Tempe. The “void between them” that Androulakis persistently cultivated, began to fill. On the part of PASOK this time, while SYRIZA had already contributed to the success of the self-governments supported by Charilaou Trikoupi

It is obvious who is winning. What the president of SYRIZA got was what he sought, while Androulakis did not avoid what he did not want: cooperation against Mitsotakis, albeit limited.

From now on, the rules of politics will work.

It is not enough for them to face Mitsotakis, even occasionally. It must be clear between them who has the first say, as a more reliable would-be replacement.

No official opposition leader would hand over that scepter to the third party leader.

In this field, the agreed cooperation will either fail due to the conflict of interests and pursuits, or will begin to be accepted as a partnership that will benefit Kasselakis.

If not as he means it Christos Spirtzis, at least as a hierarchy of roles in the area of ​​the Democratic Party.

On the part of Androulakis, it was not taken into account that at the same time the SYRIZAIS are preparing to release Kasselakis from the “left component” of the “Umbrella”, in which case he will acquire a more center-left color.

Especially if he manages to find edges in the European Socialist Party, moving away from the group school of the European Left.

If, as the elections are approaching, both of them present themselves as prime ministers, they will give a premium to Mitsotakis, as happened in the last elections: Androulakis did not want to accept Tsipras’ primacy, he “submitted” his own candidacy – and the only winner was the leader of the SW.

If the impression persists that in the first meeting the winner between Androulakis and Kasselakis was the second, their course towards the European elections will be configured accordingly. This may force Androulakis to rekindle the logic of equal distances and the two fronts – in which case the cooperation will explode – because of his…

Thus the announcement of the results in the European elections will simply repeat the order of ranking in the national elections. Even if, according to opinion polls, the gap between SYRIZA and PASOK seems to be closing

In reality this will be of no particular value, as again the difference between them will be small, perhaps alternating.

So what will result from the ballot will not be determined by the two parties, but by two other factors: abstention and the relaxation of the vote for those who will go to the screen.

The development that will lead to two parties that will compete with each other around 15%, bottom line, it will highlight the real problem in the Democratic party: It has a leadership problem – in two of its three political bodies. The KKE does not enter this account and it probably works out for him.

PASOK and SYRIZA have leaders without “leadership” and cannot form majority terms against the ND, either individually or by colluding electorally.

So they will be looking for, from their base, someone who will gel in society. That is, it will have higher political formation, stage presence and political weight.

If it is true that in the area of ​​SYRIZA and not only, they have someone in mind, then Kasselakis and Androulakis, no matter how they rearrange themselves, act as hares of…

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