The 2 second rule that few people know – Who it is and why we save money

The 2 second rule that few people know – Who it is and why we save money
The 2 second rule that few people know – Who it is and why we save money

Double is the profit drivers have if they follow an unknown but simple rule when moving on the road.

There are dozens of drivers every day who, in their haste, get stuck behind them ahead vehicleswithout realizing them risks which this habit of theirs entails.

By becoming one… sticker in a vehicle in front, increases the chances challenge traffic accidentsince he will not have time to react in the event of a sudden braking.

The risk increases especially during the autumn and winter months when the road surface is wetresulting in longer stopping distances for vehicles when drivers put their foot on the brake pedal.


Therefore, every driver must keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, following a very simple rule. It’s about him “two second rule”which essentially refers to the time that must separate us from the vehicle in front, and gives us the ability to react to avoid a collision.

The minimum time is set at two seconds while there are not a few who claim that the time that separates us from the vehicle in front should be three seconds.

Measuring this distance in time and not in length, means that the distance between us and the vehicle in front of us is proportional to the speed at which we are moving.

So when our speed increasesrespectively you should the distance also increases which we maintain from the vehicle in front.


Also, when the weather conditions dictate itwe have to multiply time-distance, as our vehicle’s ability moderates.

Another element that should be kept in mind is that the sufficient distance from the vehicle in front can not only get us out of trouble and to reduce the chances of us being involved in an accident but also to improve its efficiency.

By maintaining a respectable distance from the vehicle in front we can gradually adjust the speed with which we move, avoiding sudden decelerations/accelerations.

This in turn reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on both the braking system and the tires.

Therefore, it is a win-win situationas by sacrificing a few meters of asphalt what you actually gain is one stress free driving experience and several euros from your daily commute.


We must not forget that based on paragraph 7 of Article 19 “Speed ​​and distance between the vehicle” of COKE, “the driver of a vehicle, which is moving behind another, is obliged to keep a sufficient distance to avoid a collision if, the vehicle moving in front of him, suddenly reduces its speed or stops its course”.

Whoever violates the provision of paragraph 7 of the article is punished with administrative fine of 80 euros.

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