Sokratis Famellos: No one is left out – A discussion of ideological principles and program is needed

Sokratis Famellos: No one is left out – A discussion of ideological principles and program is needed
Sokratis Famellos: No one is left out – A discussion of ideological principles and program is needed

“Let’s do everything we can to feel proud in him SYRIZA-PS. After all, this is what we have to do because society expects answers from us. It needs a left-wing, progressive, ecological, modern party with a government proposal that can improve the lives of citizens”, said the president of the SYRIZA PS Committee, Socrates Famousin an interview with the television station “Open”.

As he added, “this is our obligation and we will be proud if we achieve this, because we all know that a leftist, a progressive party is based on common ideological principles, we must reformulate and judge them”.

“We must try to mitigate disagreements and contradictions”

Mr. Famellos stated that this political discussion has priority and that no one is left out. “We must all do our best with the goal of collectiveness and unity, which is the necessary condition to be able to help society. This is also the goal of SYRIZA-PS, the needs of society”, he noted.

According to him, collectivity and unity must be emitted by all and “this obligation of ours concerns all and all. And of course me, and the president, Stefanos Kasselakis, and all our executives. We must try to mitigate disagreements and contradictions.” He commented that after the election of Kasselakis “there were behaviors of comrades that exceeded the limits” and that “these should be introduced and examined by the Ethics Committee of the party”.

“The next day in SYRIZA requires a new party and a new proposal to society”

The chairman of the KO of the official opposition party said that the next day in SYRIZA requires a new party and a new proposal to society. He emphasized that since the Central Committee has not yet been held, the position committee has not been formed and the conference “where we will discuss politically about the identity of the party, our ideological base, how can one judge what is the position and the his attitude to SYRIZA-PS?”.

He argued that “it is wrong to criticize in personal and not political terms and even outside the party’s organs” to add that “the result of the internal party elections is not disputed. The search is about how SYRIZA-PS will be stronger to help Greek society.”

Sokratis Famellos – chairman of the SYRIZA Committee of the Union

“I don’t think it’s wrong to talk publicly about what concerns us”

Regarding yesterday’s event of the newspaper “The Epoch”, where the speaker was, among others, the Euclid TsakalotosMr. Famellos explained that he did not attend because he believes that the discussion about SYRIZA-PS and about its political identity should take place in the party’s organs.

“I don’t think it’s wrong, especially on the Left, to talk publicly about what concerns us, alas. But we have to be careful about two things. Firstly, our constitution and secondly, what unites us which I called leftist ethics. The ethics, that is, which our companionship dictates”, he pointed out.

As for whether there will be a “peace initiative” so that SYRIZA-PS can be led to the conference with unity, he argued that the positions of the president, Stefanos Kasselakis, and the decisions in the Executive Office on 10/26 and in the KO on 10/31 “were two assurances in the direction of calmness, composition and unity on the way to the KE and the conference”. “I believe that there have been more voices saying calmly and seriously to continue and this collective anxiety was also expressed in the instruments”, he underlined.

About the Androulakis – Kasselakis foursome

Invited to comment on the meeting St. Kasselaki-N. Androulakis and whether there is an intention to take joint initiatives, he said, among other things, that “the call for joint actions aimed at strengthening democracy and the rule of law goes beyond the limits of the Left and the Center-Left and is addressed to the entire democratic world”, as “it is a democratic crisis that has affected basic constitutional principles, the basis of the rule of law, and has exposed us to the European community and internationally.”

He noted that “it is unacceptable to there are so many findings from Independent Authorities and from the LIBE Commission of the European Parliament and the government continues to pretend that nothing is going on and to throw the ball to justice”. “It is unacceptable that in Greece ninety-two telephone numbers of political figures, officials, ministers, military leadership and even prosecutors were monitored by malicious software,” he stressed. “Obviously, joint initiatives must be taken and this invitation concerns the entire democratic world,” concluded Mr. Famellos.

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