“You leave a murderous policeman out of prison for two more months”, shouted Zoe Konstantopoulou

“You leave a murderous policeman out of prison for two more months”, shouted Zoe Konstantopoulou
“You leave a murderous policeman out of prison for two more months”, shouted Zoe Konstantopoulou

The 6th Criminal Division of the Supreme Court, which was ruling on the appeal of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Mr. Marianna Psaroudakis, for the granting of leniency for the second time by the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Lamia, to Epaminondas Korkoneas, convicted of the murder, turned into a field of great controversy. of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Finally, the trial was postponed until January 9, 2024.

The atmosphere was electrified when the lawyer of the Grigoropoulos family, Zoe Konstantopoulou, took the floor, who accused the president of the Supreme Court for discriminatory behavior and attempt to obfuscate the case. “For the court to be composed of impartial judges, your behavior is extremely biased and you are playing with the fact that the family wants the process to be completed,” Ms. Konstantopoulou said.

Ms. Konstantopoulou appealed twice to the court, stating that she is being interrupted, she is not allowed to develop her requests, and aspects of the case are being obscured. The other lawyer of the Grigoropoulos family, Nikos Konstantopoulos, also strongly protested. speaking of “procedure of the glass”.

“You are seriously obstructing the work of the advocate. Is that what you want? Seat to bowl to lawyers? For 15 years, this mother has been waiting for irrevocable justice. From the first trial onwards he is obstructed. A 15-year-old boy fell dead with a bullet to the heart. Because a police officer of the Greek state, wearing a gun, killed him, on a Saturday night at his friend’s party. You are biased, you should not be presiding. You are trying not to hear the condemning methods that have been carried out in the case”, said Ms. Konstantopoulou, among other things. “The sober and impartial judge listens, he does not interrupt,” said Mr. Konstantopoulos.

Subsequently, the President of the court, Ms. Georgia Katsimagli, declared her abstention from hearing the prosecutorial appeal for reasons of decency and the trial was postponed to January 9, 2024.

“Methodology of the outcome of the trial in favor of the accused”

Nikos Konstantopoulos argued that it is about “manipulating the outcome of the trial in favor of the accused. Two more months without jail for the convicted of manslaughter with direct intent”. He emphasized that “procedurally there is no intention to submit a statement. The principle of fair trial is undermined. Personal will turns into an arbitrary decision and indeed into a case of blatant historicity. Is this the concept of the rule of law? What is happening is unacceptable”, Mr. Konstantopoulos asserted.

The Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Mrs. Marianna Psaroudaki, appealed for the second time against the recognition of a mitigating factor against Epaminondas Korkoneas. It was preceded by the second appellate decision, which maintained the reduced sentence of life in prison for the convicted former special guard, Epaminondas Korkoneas, for the brutal murder of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

Present in court was the mother of murdered Alexis, Mrs. Gina Tsalikian.

Phrasal episode with a citizen

At the conclusion of the proceedings, there was a heated verbal dispute between Ms Konstantopoulos and a citizen who claimed to be a lawyer, who reacted to the delay of the other pending cases, due to the disapproval of the lawyers of the Grigoropoulos family for the president’s choice to abstain from judging her case, resulting in the trial being adjourned.

“You are a resident, you are serving the interests of the accused, you are brazen,” shouted Mrs. Konstantopoulou, who was demanding the citizen’s information from the police officers who were inside the courthouse.

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