“The affection of the people here is unique, the energy of AEK is unique. I live for these feelings!” (Video)

“The affection of the people here is unique, the energy of AEK is unique. I live for these feelings!” (Video)
“The affection of the people here is unique, the energy of AEK is unique. I live for these feelings!” (Video)

A terrible video tribute was made by UEFAto the coach of the champion AEKMatias Almeida.

This is also what he talks about Argentinean “maestro” both for his philosophy and for his life and of course AEK:

“My philosophy is unusual. I follow the Samurai code aka Bushido. Here are seven virtues that involve honesty, respect, growth, knowledge, and love. I’m trying to integrate him into football,” says Almeida initially, and along the way the commentator notes: “This ancient code of ethics has helped Matias Almeida transform the fortunes of AEK. They won the title and are second in a difficult group Europa League which includes Ajax, Brighton and Marseille. The 49-year-old Argentine’s unique coaching style is also shaped by his childhood.”

Then Matias takes the floor again: “I remember playing football when i was little because the ball made me smile. Every time you see a kid with a ball he smiles. I want my players to smile. They must have the opportunity to enjoy football. It’s a game. We have to play like we used to, for fun.”

Along the way, Almeida spoke about the end of his football career: “My career has been a bit strange. I stopped playing when I was 37. Ten days later I became a coach at River Plate. They were relegated to the second division. They were looking for a crazy guy. I called his president and told him I wanted to coach the team. He told me I was going to have the worst year of my life. I knew it would be complicated. The opponents would make fun of us and so would the fans. Then we became champions and got promoted. We returned to the first division in less than a year.”

Regarding his return to Europe in 2022 for AEK as a coach, Pelado said: “I was moved because I did not expect to return to Europe. Memories of me playing come back every time I visit a place I’ve played in the past. When I first came to I knew AEK that something good is about to happen. I came here as a stranger and the past year has been amazing. We had a fantastic style of play. We qualified for Europe and now we’re here. Always fight. We are playing against teams that have spent a lot more money than us. So we get along well. We are competitive by maintaining our own plan. For me the affection of the people here is unique. AEK’s energy is unique. I live for these feelings. If you do everything in life with love and passion, it’s hard for anything to go wrong.”

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