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Buduchnost: “The first real great Greek team is ARIS”

Buduchnost: “The first real great Greek team is ARIS”
Buduchnost: “The first real great Greek team is ARIS”

Buduchnost presented a mini-tribute to ARIS basketball, ahead of tomorrow’s (7/11) match between the two teams. In fact, the Montenegrins characterize the Kitrinomavros as the first truly great Greek team, with references to Nikos Galis, Panagiotis Giannakis, Haris Papageorgiou et al.

In detail what is mentioned:

“Panathinaikos is the most trophy-winning Greek team, with all the European glory, strong roster. Right behind Olympiacos, one of the “royal” names of European basketball. There is also AEK which had a strong roster, PAOK… But the first real great Greek team is ARIS.

Before the golden era and the 80s, ARIS had the first great Greek basketball player, Phaidos Matthaiou, who laid the foundations and DNA of Greek basketball in the post-WWII period.

However, the “Emperor” was marked by two giants, two players who could have been the first true pioneers of European players in the NBA, because both had offers, but chose the yellow and black jersey.

One is Panagiotis Gianakis, considered by many to be one of the prototypes of modern European point guards, affectionately called “Dragon”, and the other is one of the best shooters of all time, a man whose image can stand next to in the term “GOAT”, Nikos Galis.

This duo became became perhaps one of the best in Europe, of all time. In those years, ARIS was a team that filled stadiums all over Europe, because everyone wanted to see Greek magic in action.

After their departure, the colossus of Thessaloniki officially fell into the shadow of the twin of Athens.

ARIS had some… short trips, took the cup, was a Eurocup finalist in 2006 when Dynamo Moscow was better in the final, but did not seriously threaten the throne.

Seven years ago there were changes in the club, one of the players of the “golden generation”, Haris Papagorgiou, was appointed president and a clear goal was set – to return to the top of European and Greek basketball.

Giannis Kastritis, a young specialist of only 41 years, was appointed coach two years ago and led ARIS in the 2018-19 season as well.

It was up to him to build above all an athletic team, physically strong, from those teams that can be said to “fight”.

This automatically means that ARIS “does not die” in some beautiful game, but everyone should sweat against them.

In the Eurocup this year they give 69.4 points per game, the shot is not the strongest weapon, especially from distance where it is at 28.1 percent.

Their main asset is racket defense, where they hold their opponents and shoot 46.6 percent.

Responsible for the points is the American guard Roberto Galinat and one of the captains of the club, Vassilis Toliopoulos, while the racket is African, since the Angolan Silvio De Souza and the representative of the Ivory Coast Ismael Sanogo are there.

The team opened the season with three consecutive defeats, but in difficult matches (against Gan Kanaria and Olympiakos at home, then in Lietkambelis). After that, they stabilized and recorded consecutive wins, including those over Turk Telekom, Slask and AEK at home in the domestic league.

The streak was interrupted by a narrow defeat at home to Cluj, but already in the next round, before the duel with us, they celebrated away at Kolossos in the domestic league, interestingly with the most points awarded this season – 88″.

The article is in Greek

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