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Exchange rate appreciation of US Dollar and Swiss Franc


The US dollar exchange rate is expected to strengthen in the remaining months of 2023 and 2024, as the US economy appears to be headed for a – still – “very strong, long-lasting recovery”.

This was reported by the head of its European currencies research and analysis department HSBC, Dominic Bunningaccording to which the comparatively weak outlook for the recovery of the global economy and the avoidance of increased risks by investors in current conditions of geopolitical and macro-economic uncertaintyare already increasing the demand for assets – investment placements – on traditional investment haven countriessuch as USA and the Switzerland.

Among European currencies, its case stands out Swiss Franc, which benefits – appreciates – in times of wider economic warming, as it is preferred as a deposit currency when uncertainty and volatility in markets increases. The announced will also contribute to the strengthening of the Swiss Franc decrease in foreign exchange reserves of the central bank of Switzerland (SNB).

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