To stay true to his plan

To stay true to his plan
To stay true to his plan

Olympiacos is a huge club that has learned to live with victories. This is the DNA that distinguishes it and it has been with it since the day of its foundation until today. Any defeat is intolerable and always creates grumblings, but also small or large shocks in his team. Therefore, the crash by PAOK last Sunday in the “G. Karaiskakis” with a score of 4-2 which is a historical case of the “red whites” as something similar had happened back in the distant 1976 when the Thessalonians had prevailed and then with a wide 4-0 in Faliro, it fundamentally shook the structure of the Piraeus who suddenly saw is interrupted… violently the course of reconstruction that they had drawn since the beginning of this season with the aim of creating a new and strong team.

In modern football, however, nothing is easy, nothing is simple and it takes a lot of effort, proper planning and enough time to build a team from scratch that will achieve its goals. The times when with one or two very good transfers or with the traditional trick of renewing the soul potential, titles and championships came, have passed irretrievably and therefore Olympiacos should remain committed to its plan. And he must do this even if there are more defeats and more… mishaps which are part of the plan when we are talking about a completely new team, with most of its players being newcomers, as is this year’s Olympiacos. If agitation, pressure prevails and the logic of the result is suggested, then things may become worse and the course of full reconstruction may be completely halted. Olympiacos did wisely as it proved by backing Pedro Martins during his first season at Renti when even then some poor results had come as he was vindicated with the Portuguese manager doing a great job overall, winning titles and growing the “red and white” in Europe with amazing victories and qualifications. Something similar must be done now. It is still November and Olympiacos has the potential, but also the temperament as a team to immediately overcome the shock of the defeat by PAOK and remain firmly in the challenge of claiming the title. If he “layers” even more and strengthens himself with first-line players in two to three positions in January, then he can even win the title of champion. Besides, there is no championship that starts in Greece and does not include Olympiakos among the favorites.

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