They kill each other-Retaliation to Zaluzni the murder of his assistant? The first M1A1 “Abrams” appeared in the field in Ukraine

They kill each other-Retaliation to Zaluzni the murder of his assistant? The first M1A1 “Abrams” appeared in the field in Ukraine
They kill each other-Retaliation to Zaluzni the murder of his assistant? The first M1A1 “Abrams” appeared in the field in Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers shoot their own mercenaries in cold blood on the battlefield – Ukraine’s general chief of the general staff had reported a ‘deadlock in the war with Russia’, angering Zelensky

Ukrainian soldiers are shooting their foreign colleagues on the battlefield raising questions about their morale and condition.

During a conflict between Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries in the Ukrainian army, the camera of one of them captured the former shooting and killing English-speaking fighters at close range.

Nationalist units have been reported in the past to act as death squads to prevent conscripts from surrendering or leaving their posts, in the video Anglophone troops order mercenaries back to their lines before shooting them.

The first M1A1 “Abrams” main battle tank made its appearance in Ukraine, giving handles for comment on both the Ukrainian and Russian sides.

“Ukrainian Army procured 32 M1A1 Abrams tanks from the US”Col. Martin O’Donnell, US Army Europe and Africa Command Spokesman, said earlier.

The Biden administration has pledged to supply Ukraine with 31 advanced M1 Abrams tanks after months of avoiding the idea of ​​deploying these hard-to-maintain tanks to Ukraine. The new plan speeds up delivery by about a year, according to a congressional adviser familiar with the matter.

The assessment is that this tank along with the rest of the aid will not dramatically change the situation on the field.

Retaliation for Zaluzni the murder of his assistant?

Byzantine machinations in Kiev would be the article to describe the complete impasse of the Ukrainians in their relentless war with Russia, which has now reached its most critical point, with the expectation of a Russian ground attack that would end it all.

Ukrainian President Zelensky disputed a Ukrainian general’s claim that the war had reached a stalemate.

Zelensky said in his statement of his General “made Russia’s job easier.”

Apart from Ukraine, the Russian side also denied General Zaluzhnyi’s statement. When asked if the conflict had reached a stalemate, Dmitry Peskov said: “No, it has not reached a stalemate.”

However, the Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzny (who knows very well what he is saying) had assessed the current situation regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, essentially as a stalemate and a dead end for Kiev.

“We have reached a level of technology that will bring us to a stalemate, just like in the first world war”he had recently told the Economist.

What else can an experienced General say, who has seen hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians perish, in an impractical and failed offensive launched this summer, seriously considering the war in Israel and US action in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Murder of the Ukrainian parastatal, the death of Zaluzny’s assistant?

While the Russo-Ukrainian war continued unabated, a terrible event occurred that shook the Ukrainian military.

Gennady Chiastyakov, aide to the Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine Valery Zaluzny, was tragically killed on his birthday.

He and his son were reported to have been killed by the explosion of a gift grenade he received.

The Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine announced on his social media account that his assistant and close friend died today while celebrating his birthday with his family under tragic circumstances.

Chiastyakov lost his life in front of his wife and child.

Stating that an unknown explosive detonated in a package of his birthday present, Zaluzny said: “Gennadi lived with his wife and 4 children. My condolences to his family. He was a reliable friend to me from the beginning of the war and lost his life so unjustly.”

The Ukrainian A/GEED noted that the cause and circumstances of the incident will be determined during the investigation.

In the announcement of the National Police Service of Ukraine, it is stated that police teams arrived at the scene after receiving a report of an explosion in an apartment building in the village of Tchaikki in the Kyiv region.

According to initial findings, 39-year-old Chastyakov died from a grenade explosion and his 13-year-old son was seriously injured. The announcement states that an investigation has been launched into the incident.

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