Kermanidis: “Faith and trust in the team, young people are a great strength”

Kermanidis: “Faith and trust in the team, young people are a great strength”
Kermanidis: “Faith and trust in the team, young people are a great strength”

THE Panagiotis Kermanidis hosted in City 106.1 and talked about PAOK’s historic game against Lyon, but also commented on the image of Razvan Lucescu’s team.

PAOK then played a modern, fast and efficient football. He found goals from Aslanidis and Paridis. At that time he was very strong both in Europe and in the Greek league. That game stood out in every way. It was one of the biggest shows, if not the biggest. At 4-0, it looked like a draw for the French was just around the corner. They didn’t really believe it. I could see them, they were very frustrated and trying to avoid the crash. Paridis could still be playing for PAOK today. He was a short, fast, goal-scoring striker. He wanted the vertical balls. He had a very quick attack. He was everything in attack and was a spectacular player as well. That ’70 team laid the foundation for today. He made impressive victories in Europe, with Lyon, with Legia, with Barcelona“, he initially mentioned and continued, talking about the game with Olympiakos:

After the match against AEK, I thought that a similar image cannot be repeated. I thought we would get the result, but I didn’t expect this score. Watching the game, it reminded me of the game we won 4-0 in ’76. Many phases… I was very happy to experience this again. The team made an impressive appearance. It was sensational, very well set up and seemed well worked for the game, unlike AEK. I believe that PAOK did not have time to prepare for that game, while with Olympiakos we saw a different picture. In the end we relaxed somewhere and conceded the two goals.

It always takes patience and we have to trust the coach. The man, he, shows that he owns it. He is building a completely new team, with good foreigners and Greek kids. He manages his material and gets the results. PAOK is currently in everything. We have to be very satisfied and happy, seeing the team progress.”

We have young players who are seriously counted on. Constantelias is the top. They are Tsingaras, Michaelidis, Koulierakis. These guys are the future of PAOK. They are talented players. The coach counts them and they are available at all times. The day before yesterday, Constantelias showed his great class. Koulierakis shows stability in defense and a very long upward trajectory. He shows that he has a future and is very good. And Kotarski, from game to game, convinces us that he is a very great goalkeeper. Great power and he’s young too“, he added, talking about the young players.

For the showdown with Aberdeenhe continued: “Nothing is easy. In today’s football, there is no such thing as an easy game. I am sure that Mr. Lucescu takes everything seriously. Aberdeen wants attention, but PAOK has nothing to fear. Aberdeen have nothing to fear and are dangerous“.

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