Recognition of effort is now a virtue

Recognition of effort is now a virtue
Recognition of effort is now a virtue

The truth is that no one expected this particular outcome in the London derby. The Tottenham-Chelsea was the game of the match in the Premier League, however the pioneer of the Premiership and team of the Greek-Australian coach, Angelos Postecoglou failed to get a positive result. On the contrary, the final 4-1 at home was rather heavy and heavy, especially for the fans of the “spurs”.

Angelos Postecoglou will make us all Tottenham.

After the top four, Tottenham dropped to second place as Manchester City overtook them by 1 point but the “battle” to win the Premier League is clearly not over. On the contrary, now it is “flaring up”.

To get an idea of ​​what’s going on in the standings, take a look at how close the teams are at following albums:

The virtue of Angelos Postecoglou

If we have understood anything about the resourceful coach with roots from Greece, it is that he has a unique way of behaving and communicating with his players. He knows when to cry, when to raise his voice, when to wrong, when to justify.

But above all, he knows when to recognize an effort, even if the result is going to hurt his own position. Speaking of which, when you have a world that is “thirsty” for victories and honors after many years, you are at the top of the Premier League and in the derby you leave with a heavy 4-1, then the pressure itself becomes unbearable, in the unfair world of today.

A world in which the concept of quality has been lost and everything revolves around the result. However that comes.

In this case, Tottenham found themselves from the zenith to the nadir, literally. From 1-0 down and in full control of the game, it saw VAR disallow a Chelsea goal for 1-1, but at the same time leave them with 10 men and a penalty for their opposition. 1-1 followed and the “blues” found the pressure through their numerical advantage to dominate.

Then came a second expulsion for the “Spurs” and that’s when the pitch went dangerously downhill. It was 2-1 but the home team missed chances to equalize until they “spit” and, finally, surrendered in the last part of the match.

And Postecoglou, seeing this effort, was quick to recognize the effort:

“I’m disappointed with the result but I’m really proud of the players, they gave everything and that’s the positive we’ll remember. We were close to equalizing on several occasions and that shows their state of mind.”

We said, in a world where everything revolves around pressure for results, we need people who can see the forest behind the trees. As hard as the defeat was, at Tottenham they know they have built something new which is now flourishing.

And as he said, on average, o Kostas Vaimakis on the show Fight Club 2.0 «This year’s Tottenham is like the piece of profiteroles you have left behind the table. The one you know you’ll root for and enjoy».

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