Kalogeropoulos murder: In the hands of the Police description of the second executioner | Liberal

Kalogeropoulos murder: In the hands of the Police description of the second executioner | Liberal
Kalogeropoulos murder: In the hands of the Police description of the second executioner | Liberal

A week after the murder of 55-year-old Thanasis Kalogeropoulos, the investigators of the TAE Limassol are at a good stage in terms of solving the case. They have in their hands, the two suspects aged 41 and 44, respectively, who are in eight-day detention, while they engage in a race to reach the tracks of the second killer and passenger of the motorcycle, as well as other accomplices.

The 44-year-old suspect, who allegedly hosted the 41-year-old from Paphos in his mansion for the last 2 months, is expected to be placed under close surveillance.. Testimonies of the investigative team, they want him to have played an important role in the case. The 44-year-old declared he was tired and did not want to give a statement after his arrest, while denied involvement. Verbally as soon as he was arrested he revealed that he had met with Kalogeropoulos ten days before his murder to discuss gambling issues. Investigators of the TAE Limassol yesterday received a statement from the two suspects, who however they respected the right to remain silent.

The 44-year-old may not have wanted to testify, however, closed circuit surveillance reveals his involvement in the case. Initially, the escape motorcycle of the executioners as well as a rental car, were recorded the day before the murder leaving his mansion, towards the highway and going to the dirt road in Germasogeias where the vehicle was set on fire. There they left the motorcycle and after a few minutes, they left by car alone. Half an hour after the murder of Kalogeropoulos, the two executioners were recorded riding the motorcycle, which reached the Zygio roundabout, and made a U-turn heading west. Another closed circuit recorded the motorcycle with the two executioners entering the dirt road that ends at the 44-year-old’s mansion. Also, there is oral testimony involving the 44-year-old, namely that he knew about the criminal act, about its planning and its execution.

The investigators of the case have located the above rental vehicle while they have in their hands testimony with the description of a person who appears to be the second executioner. It is about the man who he was driving the motorcycle from the mansion to Germasogeia, who is described as young, slim with black hair. On the other hand, according to the same testimony, the driver of the rental vehicle is described as an older man with a white beard.

Under the microscope of the Criminal Investigation Service of the Headquarters have been put the persuasions identified both at the 44-year-old’s mansion and at the 41-year-old’s residence in Paphos. It’s about number of mobile phone connection packs, two CCTV recorders and a large sum of money. An important element is the recorders, as from there the possible movements of the two suspects, as well as other persons who went to the mansion, will be revealed. Case investigators believe that even deleted data can be recovered.

The telecommunications data of the phones of the two suspects will also be removed, in an attempt to trace which persons they spoke to before and after the murder as well as their movements. At the residence of the 41-year-old from Paphos, clothes, a mobile phone, two telescopic lenses and several jockey-type hats, like the one the motorcycle driver appears to have been wearing, were located and taken.

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