Olive oil price: 30% cheaper sold in Switzerland than in Greece!


25€ per liter, the “liquid gold” will arrive in our country completely unjustifiably

The transformation of olive oil into “liquid gold” is becoming a political issue since the most important food product of the Greeks from ancient times until today is sold 30% cheaper in Switzerland than in our country and is expected to reach the astronomical price of… 25 euros liter!

The oxymoron and at the same time tragic is that Greece is considered and is an olive-producing country (with its olive oil being the top in relation to the productions of other competing countries).

It is also worth noting that in Switzerland, as in the majority of EU countries, salaries are three times or even four times higher than in our country.

There is a question of great responsibility of the Greek government, which allowed 80% of last year’s total olive oil production to be exported abroad, with the result that now that there is not enough, the gap cannot be filled.

He is also responsible for the fact that he could not prevent or even limit the effects of natural disasters, such as the fires and floods that hit the country this year.

There are many reasons for the rise in the price of “liquid gold”, including lower production in 2023, high VAT, weather and natural disasters, high production costs and labor shortages, but let’s not forget and acts of profiteering by traders.

At the moment, bulk olive oil is sold at 150-170 euros per tin, up from 60-80 euros, which was until two years ago!

As Mega states:

Autumn 2022: €5.45 – €5.75 / liter
July 2023: €6 – €6.40 / litre
August 2023: €9.50 – €12 / litre
November 2023: €12 – €15/litre

The problem this year will not only be prices but also reduced production:

“The production has decreased since last year, I have a week to pick the olives. Last year I collected about 5 tons of oil, this year it will be a miracle if I get 500 kg. Last year I sold 6 euros, the price from a producer will exceed 10 euros this year as well.”

The olive producer and vice president of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Heraklion, Myron Chiletzakis, referred to oil prices, causing a shock:

“The price will take off because of the weather and because of the fruit failure. Last year we produced 350,000 tons of olive oil as a country and this year we will not produce even 100,000 tons.

Fresh oils will exceed 10 euros wholesale, it will reach 25 euros per liter. Our oils are not enough for export. The price of premium oils did not change abroad.

Wholesale, bulk oils, barrel increased greatly. Premium olive oil was 20 euros per liter and did not change because there are few consumers and small production. Cheap oil, mass, tin oil took off.”

Olive oil is considered the main factor of good nutrition, and when we say good nutrition, we mean the one that yields more years of life.



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