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Andrei and Theofano are getting close


Christos Paschalidis

The Witch: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be disruptive as we will see how Andrei and Theofano get closer.

We expected it how and how we old people…

Theofano, having discovered who the baby’s killer is, cannot reveal it to everyone as she fears for her life.

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But things are not so simple as Andrei will have a closer contact with Theofano lately, resulting in long conversations.

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Among them will be the murder of the baby where Theofano learned who the murderer is from the vision she sees.
So she’s going to tell Andrei but she’s still not sure how true it is.

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But he will begin to investigate Damiana and Polyxene so that they themselves confess to the baby’s murder.

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The Witch-Damiani-

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So this will result in Andrei and Theofano coming even closer. But what will be the event that will make them fall in love? In a few days we have the exclusive for you

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