Oats or oat bran: What to choose

Oats or oat bran: What to choose
Oats or oat bran: What to choose

In every home we usually find a jar of oats. It is one of the staple foods, as it is eaten raw, but at the same time it is used in countless healthy recipes. If you’re a fan of oats, you’ve probably entered the process of deciding whether to buy oats or oat bran. You probably don’t know exactly their differences, apart from their appearance, so by reading this text you will understand which is the most ideal choice for you.

What are the differences?

A whole oat grain includes the endosperm, kernel and husk (bran). On the other hand, as the name suggests, oat bran contains only the bran of the seed, while oat flakes come from the whole oat grain.

Oat bran is a by-product of the processing of oat seeds. Oat flakes, on the other hand, are steamed and then put through large rotating rollers in factories to separate the outer hulls. This process stabilizes the oils in the oats, making them less perishable. Oatmeal has a slightly chewy texture when cooked – you probably use this form more in your recipes!

Oats and oat bran are considered superfoods. And with good reason, as they offer a variety of health benefits, aiding digestion and the heart, regulating blood sugar, managing weight and preventing cancer.

Although oats and oat bran belong to the same grain, they have different nutritional compositions. They may have similar carbohydrate and fat content, but oat bran is significantly higher in fiber and protein. Half of its fiber is soluble, while the other half is insoluble. Both types of fiber are incredibly beneficial for gut and heart health, especially beta-glucan (soluble) fiber. Although oats are advertised as a health food that creates a strong feeling of satiety, oat bran has a higher fiber content and is therefore even more filling in the same amounts.

Also, oat bran is lower in calories, which makes sense considering it’s only part of the oat grain, while oats are the whole oat grain without the inedible husk. Both oats and oat bran help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels thanks to their soluble fiber content.

Oats or Oat Bran: The Differences in Cooking

Since oat bran is part of the seed, we could easily assume that they can be cooked the same way. However, oat bran puffs up much more than rolled oats, especially when preparing overnight oats. The differences in texture are also noticeable. Oat bran tends to become mushy, while flakes retain their texture.

Finally, what to choose?

To make this decision you must take into account your unique nutritional needs. For example, oat bran contains fewer carbohydrates and 50% more fiber and protein than oat flakes, making it ideal for people following a low-carb diet, while oats are used more widely in various recipes due to their versatile texture and flavor. her. So at the end of the day, you have a choice between a low-carb diet or more flavorful recipes.

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