“I enjoyed it for 2-3 days, now I won’t continue to give them bread”


Determined not to continue his feud with him Andrea Mikroutsiko it seems to be o Light.

In statements he made in Breakfast and to Fai Fotou, the well-known trapper stated that he does not believe that all that is happening in the last few days is due to the criticism he made on Fame Story and declares that he will not continue the show game.

“I have a thousand things I could tell you that are true about why this is all happening. Certainly not the review of the song they chose for Mary. I think it’s a bit funny, mind you. It was fun for the first 1-2 days, ok, I had a bit of fun too, I replied hahaha-huhuhuhu.

They take it a little more seriously than I do. I see everyone at these shows freaking out and screaming and their veins popping and finger wagging. They see it as their chance to appear morally superior and superior to the world.

Apart from their own panelists who are saying to each other behind their backs, “well done, well done”, the rest of the world, on all social media, has been taking their toll for far too long and Glory God, he doesn’t eat weed.

Those 2-3 days that lasted were fun, I laughed at least, for me it was fun. Now, I have slightly more important things to do, I will spoil it for them, I will not continue this madness. What did Andreas Mikroutsikos say – what did Light answer, what did the white-haired man say – what did Light answer, what Sissy Christidou said – what did Light answer, etc.

I’m not busy anymore, we’re going back to our lives, we’re going back to our careers, everyone has a career and that’s my attitude now. I don’t get into back and forth with anyone. Obviously, I feel different from the journalists who comment on me. These are journalists commenting on me and I am who I am, not that one is better and the other worse, but we are definitely not the same thing,” Light initially said.

When the journalist asked him to comment on Nikos Syrigos’ statement that in a few years people will remember Tsitsanis but not him, Light burst out laughing and replied:

“They will do well and remember Tsitsanis. What does he care about Tsitsanis and me, they won’t deal with him who doesn’t even know his mother. Who even is this gentleman, what does he do? What is he; I saw him when he came out, he cursed, he did… He called me a bib, I don’t know what he said to me. Ok, I’m laughing now man, I can’t sit back and answer anyone. I understand that this is their job, to comment on me and deal with me. They are doing very well, if they want to continue, I don’t continue to give them bread now. Again Light, who has the low level, keeps it.”

Elsewhere Light said: “I have no regrets about being a judge on Fame Story. Why should I regret it, I’m having a great time, are you kidding me? They’ve taken it too seriously, if you’ve gone through real pressure and real intrigue, that’s funny, it’s subtly comical. I see that they are the only winners. They are the ones who hang on to me tooth and nail and overanalyze every statement.

Sissy Christidou came out first in the numbers on Sunday, and well done to her, she did very well. But if I’m going to make fun of you guys, uh, get something out, send some scumbag out of here. They win, the world sees them where no one saw them”.

“Giorgos Liagas has finally become my best friend of all” concluded the well-known trapper.

The article is in Greek

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