Honor to the fallen of the Air Force


In the morning, at the memorial to the fallen of the Messinian Air Force, on Aristomenouis street (opposite the Labor Center), a memorial service was held by the Metropolitan of Messinia, Mr. Chrysostomos. Subsequently, there was an invitation to the fallen, who were all absent as fallen in the field of honor for Faith and Country.

Then, the order was given to a group of armed men: “You have honored the dead, shoot three times” and in memory of the fallen the members of the congregation fired three times.

Stefanos was testified by the Mayor of Kalamata Thanasis Vassilopoulos, the Senior Commander of the Kalamata Guard and Commander of the 120 PEA, Major Nikolaos Tsivourakis and other officials.

“Today is a day of honor and recognition for the Messinian Airmen who gave their lives so that we could enjoy the goods of freedom, national independence, dignity and territorial integrity of our Motherland”, emphasized during his greeting the Mayor, declaring his pride for the presence in Kalamata of the 120 PEA Air Base.

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Honors were given by the air force and the event was covered musically by the Municipal Philharmonic of Kalamata.

The ceremony was organized by 120 PEA with the cooperation of the Municipality of Kalamata and the Union of Retired Air Force Officers, as part of the commemoration of Archangel Michael, patron of our Air Force, which will last until Wednesday, November 8.

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Air Force casualties from 1933 to the present day are:

Archiminias Nik. Malliaros, Second Lieutenant Leon. Skopeteas, Second Lieutenant George. Schinas, Second Lieutenant Eth. Kazakopoulos, Chief Executive Officer Paliatseas, Second Lieutenant Vas. Germanos, Second Lieutenant Ioan. Skalaios, Sminias George. Koilakos, Sminias Nik. Paliatseas, Deputy Commander Con. Psilolignos, Captain Pet. Stroumbos, Sergeant-at-Arms Char. Kouropoulos, Ikaros Spyr. Tsoutsias, Vice-Commander Mar. Mitralexis, Vice-Commander Dim. Citizen, Second Lieutenant Theod. Reczepis, Second Lieutenant John. Antonopoulos, Cadet Reserve Operator Univ. Lymberopoulos, Vice-Commander John. Papoutsis, Sminagos Stavr. Kalogeropoulos, Sminias A. Papagiannopoulos, Vice Chancellor Univ. Pavlopoulos, Deputy Commander G. Andrianopoulos, Deputy Commander G. Pantazopoulos, Deputy Commander Alex. Nakos, Sergeant Paul. Panousis, Second Lieutenant Lam. Chronopoulos, Sminagos Ag. Venetsanos, Sminagos Con. Kouvelas, Archiminias Georgi. Kostopoulos, Second Lieutenant Ant. Kandilas, Head of Department P. Papachristopoulos, Assistant Professor of Univ. Capotas, John the Baptist. Rallis, Lieutenant General Con. Davillas, Vice-Commander Ath. Bourolias, Ensign Mich. Roussis, Enlisted Squadron No. Athanasiou, Sminitis Nik. Giannakopoulos, Assistant Dean Univ. Spyros, Sminitis E. Christofilopoulos.


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