Dear Mr. Duke, how about “free transportation”?


I know that you will have a lot of trouble once you take over Athens since everyone will tell you something and on the side will be all the contractors who will be fighting each other, the huge interests and the internal pushbacks. Along with all these and the requests of the citizens.

Of course, I am not expressing any of this, I am simply a citizen of the city that I have always been proud of – for its history mainly – but because I mixed reality with my own feelings and of course the report came out positive.

I’m one of those people who live “in” but have to go down to the “hot center” every day.

And that’s where the problems begin that I’m sure you know. I am not telling you about the traffic that is all blocked. I’m not telling you that projects are constantly being made without often any positive report. There are also those who believe that they are done simply to “move money”, without impact on the citizen.

No matter how busy it is, small streets, stench everywhere, closed shops and buildings without any renewal create a scene between the Middle East (without bombs) and the 60s (without its romance).

Today the tram train hit a car. The only solution is to continue walking to work. O.K. on a part of the route I could take the metro where at rush hour we are like sardines. Taxi, I didn’t want to give the money, nor would I arrive on time…

Almost every day something comes up that will cause a problem in the transition. I don’t know what’s going on in this town. Let’s not talk about transportation when it’s raining or snowing…

But it’s something that keeps coming back to my mind. Since the problem of Athens is the movement but also the pollution from the many cars, together with the narrow streets, I thought that the only solution is the absolute modernization of the means of transport with the simultaneous institutionalization of free access to them as is done successfully in other cities of the foreign countries I have visited. Of course, this matter is not the competence of the Municipality. But it falls within the interests of the citizens and the interests of a modern city. Besides, the issue of responsibilities is a bit chaotic in our country.

With a slogan in favor of ecology and green (not necessarily the green of PASOK) perhaps the campaign of a free city with fewer cars, with free transport for all was a bet to greatly reduce cars in the center and achieve a wonderful city . Who would take the car if transportation was free, environmentally friendly and amazing?

It would also be a relief to so many workers who would see one less exit.

You will tell me how you would finance it. Hey, I want you here! Money is usually “thrown” in this city. There might be sponsors too, why not? Were you looking for them?

I know that some swear because of course they dream of profits and privatization. Others may be smiling… Others may find it very difficult and impossible…

But in the “impossible” the game is played…

After all, your election also seemed “impossible” but it happened…

PS I also dedicate to you a photo of today’s works in Vasilissis Sofia. In the end I didn’t understand what they were doing….

The article is in Greek

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