The 60-year-old man who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend was acquitted


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Tuesday 07.11.2023
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The 60-year-old foreigner of Albanian origin who was accused of brutally murdering his 43-year-old Romanian girlfriend, who was found dead nine years ago in Kos, with knife wounds to the carotid artery, was found not guilty beyond reasonable doubt by the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Dodecanese yesterday. genitals and on the breast!

The foreigner had even been sentenced to life imprisonment at first instance, a sentence that he finally managed to “disappear” at the appellate court yesterday.

In particular, the 60-year-old Albanian initially stated that everything had happened because he got confused, when the unfortunate Roumana told him that she would leave him, while then before the court he declared that he is innocent.

However, in 2016, he was unanimously found guilty by the Mixed Jury Court of Rhodes and was sentenced to a total sentence of life imprisonment and 3 years and 5 months in prison as well as a fine of 1,000 euros (life for murder, 3 years in prison for firearms and 10 months and a 1,000 euro fine for carrying a weapon) without the appeal having suspensive force.

The 60-year-old appealed against this decision, so the case was referred to be tried on January 10, 2022, in the second instance by the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of the Dodecanese.

After the completion of the procedure, the Court of Appeal had decided to assign the case file to the investigator Rhodes in order to carry out further investigative acts, that is to investigate the case more, so as to clarify who really is the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

It is worth noting that two years after the conviction of the 60-year-old, the laboratory test was completed, both for the DNA material and for the fingerprint found at the scene of the crime and according to the issued conclusion, it belongs to a foreigner of Pakistani origin. whose details have indeed been identified, however he himself has not been located.

This particular Pakistani lived on the top floor of the same building where the unfortunate Romanian lived. These facts are included in the case file and were presented to the court.

With its decision in January 2022, the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of the Dodecanese, asked the Rhodes investigator to investigate other aspects of the case, such as the removal of telephone privacy and any material that may exist from cameras in the area around the house where he lived the unfortunate 43-year-old Romanian.

The results of this judicial investigation were evaluated and evaluated yesterday by the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Dodecanese, which, even after the proposal of the prosecutor of the seat, found the 60-year-old foreigner innocent due to doubts.

The case was investigated by police officers of the Kos Security Department who began to investigate what the 60-year-old gave them, since he was the man who alerted them at noon on April 14, 2014, and they went to their house in Platani in Kos, where the woman was lying dead. 43 year old Romanian.

However, both the contradictory answers given by the foreigner to the same questions the police asked him, as well as the “findings” at the crime scene, burdened his position, although he categorically denied being the perpetrator of the brutal murder.

The blood that was even found on the knife, with a blade length of 18 cm, on his hands, on the leg of his trousers and through it on his knee, were some of the elements that “incriminated” him and which the 60-year-old failed to adequately explain to the officers.

After almost a day of questioning and pressing questions, the foreigner reportedly “broke” and admitted to his act.

His innocence was defended once again during his plea both in January 2022 and yesterday before the Mixed Court of Appeal of the Dodecanese, the 60-year-old foreigner of Albanian origin who had detailed what had happened on that fateful day in the spring of 2014, in Kos

The district attorney in her proposal to the court asked for the defendant’s discharge due to doubts, a proposal that was finally “adopted” by the court.

Ms. Ioanna Panagopoulou appeared as a defense attorney for the 60-year-old foreigner.

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