Because the best advice is to “make a fool of yourself”

Because the best advice is to “make a fool of yourself”
Because the best advice is to “make a fool of yourself”

His black comedy Dimitri DanilovSergey is also very stupid» is directed by Tamila Kulieva in the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation starring him Panagiotis Bougiouris, Samuel Akinolas, Panos Zygouros, Aliki Kakolyris and Grigoris Karatinakis.

A subversive project for all the contingencies that can bring ups and downs in our everyday life.
A young computer programmer suddenly receives a package and his life turns into a black comedy.

The mysterious package is not brought by one courier but by… THREE. For some inexplicable reason the couriers do not deliver the parcel immediately. They stay at Sergei’s house, talking about unrelated things, and to the question of when they will finally leave and leave him alone, the answer is: “After we told you, when we called you, that we will be at your house within an hour. And now we must stay with you for an hour.”

How do you deal with this paradoxical situation? Who are these couriers and what do they want? What’s in the package? And why Sergey, a sane, sane, young programmer is “…too stupid?”.

Panagiotis Bougiouris

Marilena Anastasiadou

What can happen in the life of an everyday person when he “encounters” the unexpected? Everyone is invited to find their own answer.

We talked to him Panagiotis Bougiouris and Alikis Kalokiris for this project…

What fascinates you about this work by Dimitri Danilov and why is it relevant to us?
Panagiotis Bouyouris: I personally love absurd comedies and this is one of the best written! Therefore, good theater always concerns us! From there on, it is a work with many references that can be interpreted in many ways concerning either the contemporary reality, that is, what is happening at the moment we speak, or our society as it has been shaped in the 21st century.

Aliki Kakolyris: Woman is often symbolized as a being with the archetype of dynamism, with a drive that seems to spring from instincts that possess her, which have the ultimate goal of maintaining tranquility in her home and protecting the man from external threatening factors, so the Dimitri Danilo in our play “Sergei is also very stupid” with the role of Masha repels the invasion of couriers and parcels that came like a bolt of lightning into their lives one afternoon.

Outline for us the heroes of this play and their dynamics
Aliki Kakolyris:
The three couriers could be said to be a piece of a puzzle, one complementing the other and forming a single whole. One does not exist without the other, just as they do not exist without the delivery of missions. They are motivated to follow delivery service protocol.

Aliki Kalokiri

Marilena Anastasiadou

Sergey is 30 years old, a programmer, passionate about his work, married and lives in an apartment in Moscow with his wife Masha, the two have built a life that fills their everyday life with simplicity and pleasant moments.
Masha is a self-employed interior designer who knows exactly how to handle the world and achieve her goals. She knows how to maneuver by avoiding uncomfortable situations that put her in a difficult position. Her dynamism and instinct are the characteristics that protect the norm of everyday life in her relationship with Sergey. But to what extent will her manipulativeness save her marriage in the future? This, if a second project comes out, maybe then I can answer you. Let everyone draw their own conclusions after watching the show!

Why is Sergey so stupid?
Panagiotis Bougiouris:
He’s not stupid at all! He’s probably the average person who feels stupid when he’s deprived of the obvious. How many times a day do we not feel “alien”, that we do not understand anything around us, but everyone else reacts as if everything is completely normal!
Let me give you an example: I have lived in my neighborhood for 10 years and for 10 years someone always parks on the corner and blocks the bus from turning, and for ten years almost every day, the bus cannot pass and as a result it gets stuck in the turn, for the people to get off and continue on foot, to cut off the road for the other cars that are also trapped behind the bus and actually to stop the line of this bus until the crane comes to remove the parked vehicle!
Leave the rest of the unfortunates waiting patiently and in wonder at the next stops for the bus to arrive! For 10 years I’ve been getting off and asking bus drivers, “why don’t you tell your service to put up some signage or sign that says bus turn?” Huh! They look at me like I’m stupid!

Can we finally control our lives?
Aliki Kakolyris: Often, influenced by the influence of the people around us, we make decisions that may not be entirely agreeable or even entirely opposed to us. However, we must not forget that the gift of life is a completely personal matter and exists only once. Withholding our personal position from choices can affect the whole world.

Where do the play’s comedic situations meet reality?
Panagiotis Bougiouris: I gave you an example above and how many more stories of daily madness! But I think all of us have felt “stupid” many times in our lives, if not everyday! Also, how many times have we been given the advice to “make a fool of yourself”! You know this is a golden tip, because the more we think we understand, the more stupid we will feel or be treated as stupid! I think Socrates was not a fool when he said “in Ida, that no Ida”! Blessed are the Sergeys of spirit!


Translation – Directed by: Tamilla Koulieva
Scenes: Giorgos Gavalas
Costumes: Pericles Kondylatos, Vasilis Zoulias
Music: Dof Twogee
Songs: LEX
Lighting design: Elena Petropoulou
Kinesiology, choreography: Kiki Baka
Assistant director: Jason Vrohidis
Music teaching: Lia Vissi
Free rendering of the lyrics of the song: Stratis Paschalis
Starring: Panagiotis Bougiouris, Samuel Akinola,
Panos Zygouros, Aliki Kakolyris and Grigoris Karatinakis


Where: Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Piraeus 206 (Hamosterna Heights), Tavros, tel.: 210 3418550,
When: From November 7 and every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00
Tickets: Center: €25 (€20 reduced*), Sides: €20 (€15 reduced*)
Duration: 80′

The article is in Greek

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