What Nikos Stagopoulos says about the second testament

What Nikos Stagopoulos says about the second testament
What Nikos Stagopoulos says about the second testament

The case of Mary Chronopoulou’s will continues to attract the attention of the public, with developments one after the other. The great lady of Greek cinema passed away at the age of 90 on Friday, October 6.

A few hours ago, a new will of Mary Chronopoulou came to light. This one is handwritten and the great actress had drawn it up in April 2019 and had shown it to her ex-partner Nikos Stagopoulos.

According to “On time” at the same time, friends and people close to her are giving statements to the Police Department of Peania, following the order of the prosecutor, where they mention both the wishes of the actress as well as her state of health and how she was last time Cairo.

As Nikos Stagopoulos told the newspaper, Mary Chronopoulou had shown him this particular will in January 2020.

“We had gone to her house with her friendly couple, Andreas and Nana Andrianopoulou, to see how she is and if she needs anything, because at that time she was not very well. We were afraid that something more serious might happen and had asked for a committee of friends to be formed, who could decide, if she herself was not able to make decisions about her health.

Will he need an operation or a hospital or rehabilitation facility? I stayed a few hours longer. Conversation after conversation, and where we were talking, Mary tells me “open that drawer and get a gray file”Nikos Stagopoulos initially reported.

“She opened the file and gave me her handwritten will, which she had drawn up a few months earlier, in April 2019, and where she also referred to her desires, but also to persons who were not mentioned in the will he had made to a notary public in 2013 and which he revised in 2016, when he transferred the detached house in Peania, with the property and the apartment in Patisia to “Smile of the Child”. This handwritten will he asked me to photograph, the first page” he continued.

Who are mentioned in the will?

As Nikos Stagopoulos explains: “It refers to her to Anna Fonsou and the “Actress’s House”, where he wanted to leave something, as well to Spyros Bibilas and the Greek Actors’ Association, where he also left money, but also to Erieta Kourkoulos and specifically to her foundation for animals, everywhere he wanted to leave something symbolic.”

Nikos Stagopoulos clarified that he himself he wishes no interference and how, even if he leaves something to him, he is not going to accept it, but will give it to the “Actor’s House”.

Mary Chronopoulou’s friends claim that there are probably deposits both in Greece and abroad. She is presented as a person who had the savings to be ready in case anything happened to her.

In fact, they say that Mary also had deposits in Switzerland. However, she avoided talking about her finances and none of her friends knew exactly her financial situation.

Also, no one excludes the possibility that there is another handwritten will, later than the one of 2019. That is why, as they say, after her death her house had to be sealed, because no one knows if even the one of 2019 will be found, photographed by Nikos Stagopoulos.

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